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Security Officer
Security Officer

DBSA-Midrand, South Africa

Security Officer :The purpose of this role is to physically safeguard the DBSA premises, its employees, visitors and assets whilst using the available technology within the campus and adhering to the Private Security Industry Regulatory Authority (PSIRA) and the Heatlh & Safety regulations.

Key Responsibilities: Security Officer

Security Officer
Security Officer
  • Guard the DBSA against any safety and security breaches at all times.
  • Maintain and write detailed incident reports on all irregular incidents that might occur during shifts and keep records thereof.
  • Monitor the movements of visitors and contractors on the campus and ensure that the correct security protocol is followed.
  • Monitor the movements of assets on the campus and ensure compliance with the bank’s asset management policy and procedures.
  • Conduct patrols in line with the laid down standard operating procedures.
  • Effectively keep guard on the DBSA premises using the surveillance equipments within the control room by keeping an eye on the cameras.
  • Log any irregualrities that are picked up through the control room via the surveillance equipment.
  • Report any camera faults or CCTV system issues to the Head of Security and/or the Security Supervisors to ensure that cameras are repaired timeously.
  • Monitor the Access control system to ensure the overall safety of the DBSA premises, assets, employees and visitors.
  • Issue access control cards to employees and contractors and record their personal details on the access control system.
  • Ensure adherence to the Health and Safety procedures of the bank by all employees and visitors.
  • Assist in the safeguarding of property and assets during events within the campus.
  • Liaise with emergency and health services if required for large events.
  • All private assets entering the bank to be recorded on the private asset register.
  • Report safety issues such as vandalism and damage to property to the Head of Security and/ or Supervisor.
  • Keep an eye on the exit and entance of the building to safeguard the assets of the bank and the employees.
  • Be the safety and security ambassador by educating employees and the visitors on safety issues within the bank.

Key Measures/KPI’s Security Officer

  • Able to conduct patrols in line with laid down procedures.
  • Adherence to Ocuppational Health and Safety regulations and PSIRA Act.
  • Be vigilant at all times and ensure that security breaches are report.
  • Professional conduct by relating to all employees and visitors as customers.
  • Being presentable at all times and available at designated post.

Expertise & Technical Competencies:
Minimum Requirements Security Officer

  • Matric
  • Grade ‘A, B or C’ PSIRA (Private Security Industry Regulating Authority) security officers certificate
  • 3-5 years’ experience as a security officer.

Skills and Abilities

  • Experience with PSIRA regulations and qualifications.
  • Working Knowledge and experience of the Occupational Health and Safety (OHS) Act No. 85 of 1993 and regulations as amended.
  • Experience with Access Control Security Systems and Procedures.
  • Basic knowledge of MS Word, Outlook, Excel.

1. **Technical

Written Communication

a. Understands that different writing styles are required for different documents or audiences.

b. Write effective correspondence, prepares questions and reports, statements of circumstance and briefing notes.

c. Has a solid mastery of writing principles such as grammar, sentence construction etc.

Verbal Communication

a. Able to explain simple procedures or instructions to others, in a clear way.

b. Uses limited range of words to meet simple spoken needs.

Computer Literacy

a. Is aware of the organisation policies related to use of computers, and other technology.

b. Applies the basic functionality of common software, such as word processing systems, to complete assigned tasks.

c. Generally knows how to use and maintain own office / workplace equipment.

Detail Orientation

a. Identifies main concepts and ideas when reading simple, straightforward documents.

b. Reviews own work for accuracy and completeness.

c. Spots inconsistencies or discrepancies that indicate problem with quality of work.

d. Verifies assumptions and information before accepting the solutions, considering applicable precedents.*

Planning & Organising

b. Independently plans and organises own routine work.


a. Takes pride in being trustworthy, serves all equally, respects others and embraces diversity.

b. Is honest in all relations (internal/external relations).

Required Personal Attributes:
Behavioural Competencies

1.1 Achievement Orientation

a. Delivers work on time and quality and follows through on agreed commitments.

b. Views new work experiences as an opportunity for growth.

c. Reacts immediately to overcome setbacks or/and obstacles in order to meet goals.

d. Recognises and acts upon current opportunities.

1.2 Attention to Detail

a. Double-checks the accuracy of information or work.



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