SAB is Hiring: 21 Positions Available Across South Africa


The South African Breweries (SAB), renowned for its impactful contributions to the economy and dedication to sustainability, is currently hiring for 21 different positions across various locations in South Africa. Known for its powerful brand purpose, “We Dream Big to Create a Future With More Cheers,” SAB aims to demonstrate the unique power of beer to propel South Africa forward.

About SAB

SAB is not just about brewing beer; it’s about fostering growth and development in South Africa. Since its inception over a century ago, SAB has become South Africa’s largest brewer and a significant economic contributor. The company supports a comprehensive beer economy, from “seed to sip,” which includes over 250,000 jobs. With 7 breweries and 42 depots, SAB’s workforce consists of approximately 5,000 employees. The company’s diverse portfolio includes leading brands like Castle Lager, Carling Black Label, Corona, Brutal Fruit, and Flying Fish.

X114 Road Maintenance Workers Vacancies

Current Job Openings

SAB offers a range of exciting career opportunities. Here are some of the positions currently available:

  1. Inventory Clerk (Packaging)
  • Location: Alrode Brewery
  • ID: 30066074
  1. DynamX Trainee Programme
  • Location: HQ Sandton
  • ID: 30030667
  1. Packaging Inventory Clerk
  • Location: Newlands Brewery
  • ID: 30036595
  1. Energy and Fluids Specialist
  • Location: Ibhayi Brewery
  • ID: 30066317
  1. Checker Operator-1
  • Location: SAB Ottery Depot
  • ID: 30066458
  1. Maintenance Assistant
  • Location: Hop Farms
  • ID: 30065934
  1. DPO Pillar Analyst
  • Location: HQ Bryanston
  • ID: 30066155
  1. Fleet & Safety Supervisor
  • Location: SAB Waltloo Depot/Tshwane
  • ID: 30066212
  1. PPM Specialist
  • Location: HQ Bryanston
  • ID: 30066076
  1. South Africa Logistics PPM Manager
    • Location: HQ Bryanston
    • ID: 30053532
  2. Brewing Process Artisan
    • Location: Prospecton Brewery
    • ID: 30066170
  3. BDR 1
    • Location: SAB Bellville Depot
    • ID: 30066085
  4. Packaging & Dispense Execution Specialist
    • Location: HQ Sandton
    • ID: 30066029
  5. Logistics Technical Trainee
    • Location: South Africa Default Location
    • ID: 30049211
  6. Business Development Representative
    • Location: South Africa Default Location
    • ID: 30054637
  7. Apprentice Electrical
    • Location: VOPS Caledon
    • ID: 30054466
  8. Maintenance Controller
    • Location: VOPS Caledon
    • ID: 30053662
  9. Intercompany Analyst
    • Location: HQ Sandton
    • ID: 30039580
  10. Raw Materials Controller
    • Location: Newlands Brewery
    • ID: 30040016
  11. SAB Career Opportunities
    • Location: South Africa Default Location
    • ID: 30038948
  12. DynamX Logistics Trainee
    • Location: South Africa Default Location
    • ID: 30026100

Why Join SAB?

Joining SAB means becoming part of a legacy that has been shaping South Africa’s beer industry and economic landscape for over a century. With a commitment to sustainability, responsible consumption, and community support, SAB offers a dynamic and fulfilling work environment.

For more information and to apply for any of these positions, please visit the SAB Careers page.

Be part of a team that dreams big and creates a future with more cheers.

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