Navigating Matric Results 2023: Where and How to Access Your Outcomes

Grade 12
2023 Matric Results

Introduction Matric Results 2023

Matric Results 2023 : As the anticipation builds for the class of 2023 awaiting their matric exam results, the landscape of result accessibility has evolved significantly. Gone are the days of waiting for school gates to open or queuing at garages for morning newspapers. Technology has stepped in to alleviate the anxiety, providing multiple avenues for candidates to promptly receive their outcomes. In this comprehensive guide, we explore the various methods to access matric results, ensuring candidates have a seamless experience.

Section 1: Matric Results Dates

IEB Results Release – 18 January

The Independent Board of Examinations (IEB) will unveil their matric results on 18 January. Simultaneously, the Minister of Basic Education, Angie Motshekga, will announce the overall outcomes of the examinations. Public school results (NSC results) are set to follow on 19 January at 6 am.

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Section 2: Where to Get Your Results

The Citizen’s Portal

The Citizen offers a convenient portal for accessing matric results on the day of release. By visiting the provided link and entering your student number, you can swiftly retrieve your outcomes.

Department of Basic Education Website

Pupils from public schools affiliated with the Department of Basic Education can access their results via the department’s official website. For IEB exam results, students can visit the IEB website, where entry of the exam number and date of birth is required.

MatricsMate App

Available on the Google Play Store for Android devices and the Apple App Store for iOS devices, the MatricsMate app offers another accessible avenue. Similar to The Citizen portal, all you need is your exam number to retrieve your results.

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Section 3: SMS Service

Subscription for SMS Service

Candidates can opt for an SMS service to receive their results directly on their mobile phones. By sending their ID number and exam number to 35658 for public school results or 35135 for IEB results, candidates ensure a personalized messaging service on the day of publication.

Section 4: USSD Code

Accessing Results via USSD Code

At 6 am on result day, candidates can dial 120*35658 and follow the prompts to enter their ID number and exam number. This quick USSD code method ensures rapid access to outcomes.

Section 5: Retrieve Results at the School

Fetching Results at the School

For those who prefer a more traditional approach, both IEB and NSC examination results can be collected at the school where the exams were written. This option offers a direct and familiar means of obtaining outcomes.

Section 6: Embracing Technology for Inclusive Access

The Shift to Digital Accessibility

The evolution of result accessibility reflects a broader shift toward digital platforms and mobile solutions. This transition ensures that candidates, regardless of their geographical location, can seamlessly access their results, reducing barriers and enhancing inclusivity.

Empowering Through Online Portals and Apps

The availability of online portals and dedicated apps empowers candidates to take control of their educational journey. The ease of use and accessibility of these digital tools not only simplifies the result-checking process but also encourages a proactive approach to academic progress.


In an era where technology bridges the gap between anticipation and information, candidates have an array of options to access their matric results. Whether through online portals, dedicated apps, SMS services, USSD codes, or the traditional school collection method, the process is designed to be inclusive and convenient. As the countdown to result day continues, candidates can navigate through these accessible channels to embrace their academic achievements and plan for the next chapter of their educational journey.

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