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Registration Now Open for Exciting Learning Opportunities

The University of Johannesburg is offering a unique opportunity for students and staff to enroll in free online short learning programs. These courses are designed to enhance knowledge and skills in various important areas. Whether you are interested in African intellectual traditions, the impact of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in the Fourth Industrial Revolution (4IR), Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), or financial literacy, there is something for everyone.

Available Courses:

  1. African Insights: Explore the rich intellectual traditions and debates in Africa.
  2. Artificial Intelligence in the 4IR: Gain an understanding of AI, its applications, and its implications for society and the future of work.
  3. Introduction to the Sustainable Development Goals: Learn about the United Nations’ seventeen SDGs.
  4. Financial Literacy: Discover effective strategies to manage your money and make informed financial decisions.

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Benefits of Participation

Upon successful completion of any of these courses, participants will receive a digital certificate. This certificate can be viewed and shared with third parties or potential employers through the UJ Digital Certificate platform. For currently registered UJ students, this achievement will also be added to your academic record, showcasing your commitment to continuous learning and skill development.

How to Register

  1. Log in to uLink: uLink Login
  • Students: Use your student number for sign-in.
  • Staff Members: Use your username for sign-in.
  1. Navigate to ‘Online Courses’ on the homepage.
  2. Explore the Courses available.
  3. Register for a Course of interest by clicking ‘register’ at the bottom of the page.
  4. Await Confirmation: You will receive an email from uLink with instructions on how to access the course.

Course Requirements for First-Year Undergraduates

All first-year undergraduate students at the University of Johannesburg are encouraged to complete at least one of the following short learning programs during their formal undergraduate program:

  • African Insights
  • Artificial Intelligence in the 4IR

Additionally, there are two more non-credit bearing courses available free of charge for any UJ student:

  • Introduction to the Sustainable Development Goals
  • Financial Literacy – Be Money Wise

Program Details

  • All programs are free and conducted fully online.
  • Digital Certificate provided upon successful completion.
  • Relevance: These programs are designed to be exciting, stimulating, and directly relevant to today’s challenges and opportunities.


For any questions or further information, please reach out to the respective program coordinators:

Click Here for More Information and Registration

Don’t miss this opportunity to expand your knowledge, enhance your skills, and earn valuable certifications. Register today and take the first step towards a brighter future with the University of Johannesburg.

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