Why Is SASSA Application Declined Due to IRP5?

Why Is SASSA Application Declined Due to IRP5?

The South African social security agency has an important job in South Africa and is responsible for administrating and managing social grants. These grants include the Child Support Grant, Old Age Grant, and Disability Grant, among others.

The application process for all these types of grants may have one pattern, but the requirements and evaluation process can differ. 

There are times when the application for these grants can be very complicated, which ultimately leads to time-wasting, confusion, and rejection. 

It can be heartbreaking to find out your application has been rejected or declined when a lot of effort has been put into this. It is important to know that the SASSA grant application is more aligned with its own policies and regulations. All the requirements and criteria within the SASSA grant application have a strict purpose. This ensures individuals who wish to apply for the grant meet the standards. As part of the process, people can easily be declined, making the system looks difficult. But if there is one thing we can say about the SASSA application and its platforms, it is that it seeks to promote fairness, equity, and equality. 

If you are having challenges with your SASSA application, then this blog post will give you an insight into handling some of the rejections. 

Since it is common for IRP5 to be associated with SASSA, we will provide some key information on what your IRP5 registered SASSA means, why you are getting a decline in your SASSA application due to IRP5, and how to fix SASSA rejection. 

What Does IRP5 Registered SASSA Status Mean?

Are you planning to register for the SASSA application and looking to understand some of the terms- Find out more. 

Before we look at what IRP5 registered, SASSA means, let us dive to understand what constitutes IRP5. 

So the IRP5 is considered a certification that confirms and details all the income and remuneration provided to an employee by an employer. It summarises all the money an employee has received within a period, normally within 12 months. 

This IRP5 details the total tax received and total tax withheld on the income of an individual. 

So how is IRP5 involved in SASSA registration? – Let us connect these two.

At the end of every period, taxes are filed through this IRP5 document, which details the income and all taxes of an employee. These documents are recorded in the SASSA system for any future reference. 

And when we look at the SASSA registrations, applicants are made to make all declarations clean and submit supporting documents to be eligible. This IRP5 is a certificate confirming your income received and taxes paid. 

So when IRP5 says registered in SASSA status, this means the SASSA system has detected another source of income that is higher than the R350 monthly payment SASSA will be paying. 

Why is my SASSA application declined due to IRP5?

There are certain circumstances where the systems of the South African Social Security Agency may mistakenly assume and conclude that an individual is still employed or earning income from another source.

 This can occur due to the presence of an IRP5 form that was submitted some time ago. This IRP5 is used to compute the income of an employer/employee at the end of the year, including all taxes paid and withheld. 

 When this happens, it can lead to issues with the individual’s social security benefits. Once the system detects this, it will decline your application because it assumes you are earning some sort of income. And with SASSA, one of the criteria is that it expects its applicants not to have any sort of income that coincides with its requirement. Discrepancies between the two can trigger a decline, as SASSA relies on accurate income information to assess eligibility for certain grants.

What does it mean if you are IRP5 registered?

Having understood what the IRP5 means, we can now confirm what it means to be registered. This simply means your annual income, which includes your taxes, has been filed at the tax office in South Africa. Once you are confirmed IRP5 registered, all your earnings are filed and recorded by your employer. Your employer submits these details to the South African Revenue Service (SARS).

How do I fix a declined SASSA application?

Fixing a SASSA declination may mean one thing. You need the income, and therefore you wish to know how to resolve it. Needing the income may not mean you actually qualify for it.

One thing to assess before trying to fix a declined SASSA application is to ask yourself if you indeed meet the requirements.

There is a possibility that individuals who have been declined by SASSA can fix their declined application. Here are a few things to consider on how to fix a declined SASSA application.

  • Read and understand the terms and conditions of the SASSA application. This will help you understand all the necessary terminologies. 
  • Ensure your documentation is accurate and correct. If there are any chances where you may have made a mistake, you can easily correct the document and reach out to SASSA for resubmission.

Upon checking the above instructions, the ultimate way to fix a declined SASSa application is to submit an appeal. Submitting an appeal means getting your facts and figures right for reconsideration. If there are any wrong entries or inaccurate documents submitted, you can visit an of the offices to submit the new documents for reconsideration.

Individuals who are familiar with the SASSA online appeal platform can easily log into the system to submit an appeal for future reconsideration

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