Why are SASSA Grants not Approved for All Months?

The Social Relief of Distress is a resource mechanism designed specifically for unemployed South Africans. However, applicants have repeatedly complained about inconsistencies in grant approval. Some people complain that their application was only accepted for a month. Others complain that approval for subsequent months is pending or has not yet been granted. The question here is why this variation exists in the approval process and Why are SASSA Grants not Approved for All Months?


To begin, it entails performing several verification checks. Second, SASSA ensures that only qualified candidates are considered. Third, a mean test is launched to keep the deserving candidates in check. Checking the bank account details is one type of verification check. If the candidate’s monthly income exceeds the specified amount. As a result, the SRD Grant application will be denied.

Another major reason for approval delays is the lack of a timetable for the bank verification process. The office that an applicant selects for verification. The department assists in sending details to that bank. It is delayed if there is an error. If the details are verified, it is returned to the Department of Treasury and forwarded to SASSA for payment.


July is approved, but August is turned down.
September has been approved, but August has been declined.
Although November has been approved, October is still pending.

Security Procedures-Why are SASSA Grants not Approved

Any SASSA applicant should not reveal his or her bank account information to a friend or relative. This is due to the fact that any reflection in a friend’s bank account can result in the application being rejected.

To summarize the topic, the reasons for low SASSA Grants or not Approved for All Months include checking, verifying, and denying bank details. As a result, approval varies from month to month.

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