Where To Collect Your Sassa Grant For December 2023

Sassa Grant

Sassa has the responsibility of administering social grants to qualifying beneficiaries on a monthly basis. These Sassa grant payments are crucial in maintaining the livelihoods of over 18 million South Africans. 

Sassa’s wide array of permanent social grants are intended for qualifying South Africans with little to no means of making an income, including, the elderly, children, people living with disabilties. These Sassa grants are therefore a lifeline for vulnerable South Africans.

Sassa permanent social grants include, the Older person’s grant, Child Support grant, Disability grant, War Veterans grant, Foster child grant and Grant in Aid. Considering the variety involved in who can collect these permanent Sassa grants, knowing where, when and how to access them could save you a lot of time and help avoid any possible delays.

How To Collect Your Sassa Grant

Sassa’s permanent social grant beneficiaries usually have to have access to a bank account in order to access their grant payments. This usually takes the form of using a Sassa Gold card which can be used in most retail outlets such as Pick n Pay, Shoprite, Boxer stores, Usave stores and Checkers or a traditional bank account.

To further reassure beneficiaries, Sassa also announced that the validity of the Sassa cards that were due to expire will mo longer expire.

Sassa social grant beneficiaries also have the additional option of collecting their social grant payments through mobile cash pay points. It is worth noting that using this Sassa grant collection option means that beneficiaries can only collect their funds during certain times of the grant payment cycle.

Sassa also introduced a new grant payment collection method that enables beneficiaries to collect their grants without a Sassa gold card. Those who choose this option are required to provide their Identification Document, a valid cellphone number and Sassa gold card pin.

If you want to check on your grant payment information this can be done via the Sassa official website. We also have information on grant payment dates for 2023 on the Skills Portal website.

When To Collect Your Sassa Grant Payments For December 2023 

While on the subject of predetermined payment dates, keeping up with the agency’s payment schedule is equally important. So with this in mind, here are the dates on which beneficiaries can expect their social grant payments.

Social Grant Payment Dates For November 2023

Older Persons Grant – 1 December 2023 

Disability Grant – 4 December 2023 

Children’s Grants –  5 December 2023

You do not need to rush to withdraw your payment on the first day because once the grant payment has been sent to your account, it will remain there until you need it.  

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