Never give your SASSA card or PIN number to anyone. Be careful of emails or SMS messages that ask for your SASSA information. Only collect your grant money from a legitimate SASSA pay point.  Report any suspicious activity to SASSA immediately. 

Here are some additional tips to help you protect yourself from SASSA fraud: Be aware of the latest fraud schemes. SASSA regularly updates its website with information about the latest fraud schemes. You can also sign up for SASSA's email alerts to stay up-to-date on the latest fraud information. Be careful about what information you share online. Do not share your SASSA card number or PIN number on social media or other online platforms.

– The new fraud hotline is a valuable tool for beneficiaries who have been victims of fraud. – The hotline makes it easier for beneficiaries to report fraud, which can help SASSA to investigate and prosecute cases more efficiently. – The hotline also offers valuable guidance on how to protect yourself from fraud. – By following the tips provided by the fraud hotline, you can help to protect yourself from becoming a victim of fraud.