Sassa Implements New Verification Method for R350 Grant

Sassa Implements New Verification Method
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Verification Method for R350 Grant Sassa implements new verification method for participants accessing  (SRD) grant services in order to improve security and prevent fraudulent activities. Beneficiaries and applicants of the R350 grant will be less vulnerable to fraud because Sassa has taken steps to ensure that incoming applications are processed more securely. These new changes will strengthen the agency’s security.

Individuals seeking services such as clearing a referred status, opening a Postbank account, updating their mobile number, or opting for cash send payments will be impacted by this new requirement.

Sassa Implements New Verification Method -Why is this change being implemented?

Sassa has taken this step to ensure the integrity and legitimacy of the R350 grant, which provides critical financial assistance to those impacted by the Covid-19 pandemic.

Sassa intends to use facial recognition technology to accurately verify the identity of applicants, lowering the risk of fraudulent claims and increasing system efficiency.

What R350 grant recipients must do: Verification Method for R350 Grant

Sassa will send two SMS messages to beneficiaries who are eligible for the aforementioned services. R350 grant recipients must click on the link provided in the second SMS within 72 hours (3 days), or the link will expire.

Failure to complete the biometric identity verification within the time frame specified may result in application delays or rejection.

Sassa has established a dedicated call center at 0800 60 1011 to assist beneficiaries with any questions or issues. Clients can also contact grant to request that the verification SMS be resent.

While the new biometric identity verification process may cause some inconvenience for beneficiaries at first, it is critical in protecting the integrity of the social relief of distress grant.

Sassa hopes to maintain transparency, reduce fraudulent activities, and ensure that relief funds reach those who truly need them by utilizing facial recognition technology.

Verification Method for R350 Grant

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