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Why Choose Drake Training Academy?

Earn While You Learn
At Drake Training Academy (DTA), we believe in investing in your future. If your application is successful, our clients will sponsor your training and cover the cost of your qualification. Additionally, you will receive a monthly or weekly stipend throughout the duration of your learnership.

Transport Assistance Subsidy

Starting something new can be challenging, especially when finances are tight. At DTA, we provide a transport assistance subsidy for the first month of your training. Attend all classes in the first month, and this subsidy, paid before your stipend, will help cover your transport costs.

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Dedicated Learner Support

We genuinely care about our learners. At DTA, you’re treated with respect and supported throughout your learning journey. Benefit from additional classes if needed and emotional support from our team. Our venues are clean, accessible, and equipped with tea, coffee, and water. Plus, we host fun theme days throughout the year to keep learning enjoyable.

Important Note: You can only register for one learnership at a time and must complete it before starting a new one.

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