Unlock Your Aviation Dreams: 18 Bursary Opportunities at ATNS Aviation Training Academy

Aviation Dreams
Aviation Dreams

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In a groundbreaking initiative, the Air Traffic and Navigation Services (ATNS) is offering 18 bursary opportunities for young South African citizens aspiring to pursue a career in the aviation industry. These bursaries, facilitated by the ATNS Aviation Training Academy (ATA), aim to groom future Air Traffic Services Officers (ATSO) who play a vital role in the air navigation team.

Aviation Dreams Exploring the Role of an ATSO

As an ATSO, individuals become essential collaborators with Air Traffic Controllers, contributing to the seamless functioning of air traffic management. Duties include answering phone calls, utilizing radio transceivers for air traffic communication, and participating in critical air navigation tasks.

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Bursary Program Details

The ATNS is committed to providing a comprehensive training experience, and the bursary program includes:

  • Accommodation at a guest lodge in Bonaero Park, Johannesburg.
  • Transportation to and from the ATNS ATA based on study and practical requirements.
  • Daily meals, including breakfast, lunch, and dinner.
  • A monthly allowance to support students during their training.
  • 10 days of non-academic activities as determined by the study program coordinators.

Eligibility Criteria

To be considered for the bursary program, applicants must meet the following minimum requirements:

  • Minimum age of 18 at the commencement of the bursary.
  • Grade 12 with pure Mathematics and English (HG D or SG C or level 4 upwards).
  • South African citizenship.
  • Medically fit.
  • Willingness to relocate anywhere in the country.

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Selection Process

The selection process involves several stages to identify suitable candidates:

  1. Personality Assessment: Evaluating the likelihood of success in the specific role.
  2. Ability Testing: Assessments in English reading, mathematical problem-solving, detail perception, spatial reasoning, and diagramming.
  3. Panel Interview: Shortlisted candidates will be invited for a comprehensive panel interview.
  4. Mandatory Medical Assessment: Successful candidates will undergo a medical assessment and verification.
  5. Bursar Contract: Upon completing all stages, candidates may be offered a bursar contract.

Bursary Programme Phases

The bursary program is structured into three main phases:

  1. Core Content Course: A theory-based foundation course over a 21-week period.
  2. ATS Rating Course: A practical-based course complementing theoretical training.
  3. ATS Validation: A practical module of On-the-Job-Training.

Application Details

Interested individuals can apply online for the ATNS Aviation Training Academy (ATA) Bursaries, with the deadline set for December 27, 2023. For additional opportunities tailored for young South Africans

Don’t miss the chance to soar in the aviation industry – apply now and embrace a future in air traffic management!

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