UNISA Extends Application Deadlines for 2024 Academic Year: More Time for Aspiring Students

Application Deadlines
Application Deadlines

Hey there! I’ve got some exciting news for you regarding UNISA’s application deadlines for the 2024 academic year. Whether you’re considering pursuing undergraduate qualifications, Honours degrees, postgraduate diplomas, or even Master’s and doctoral qualifications, UNISA has extended their application deadlines to accommodate more aspiring students like you.

UNISA Extends Application Deadlines for 2024 Academic Year

For undergraduate qualifications, including higher certificates, diplomas, and degrees, the application deadline has been extended until November 17, 2023. So, you’ve got some extra time to gather all your documents and submit your application. Make sure to take advantage of this opportunity!

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Now, if you’re interested in studying in the College of Accounting Sciences or the College of Science, Engineering, and Technology, you’re in luck! The application window for these qualifications has been extended until January 31, 2024. That means you have even more time to carefully consider your options and submit your application.

Moving on to Honours degrees and postgraduate diplomas, UNISA has also extended the application deadline to November 17, 2023. This gives you ample time to prepare your application, gather references, and showcase your academic achievements.

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For those aiming for Master’s and doctoral qualifications, the application dates remain from September 14 to November 10, 2023, with some exceptions. So, if you’re looking to further your studies and pursue advanced degrees, make sure to mark these dates on your calendar and start working on your application as soon as possible.

Remember, these extended deadlines provide you with more time to carefully craft your application and present your best self. Take advantage of this opportunity, put your best foot forward, and embark on an exciting academic journey with UNISA.

Wishing you all the best as you navigate through the application process and pursue your academic dreams! 🎓✨

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