Tyme Bank: Empowering SASSA Beneficiaries for Financial Inclusion 2023

Tyme Bank, as a digital bank in South Africa, offers a range of services that can benefit SASSA recipients. Here are some key services that Tyme Bank provides for SASSA people:

  1. Easy Account Opening: Tyme Bank allows SASSA beneficiaries to open a bank account quickly and conveniently. With the Tyme Bank mobile app or at Tyme Bank kiosks, individuals can complete the account opening process with minimal documentation requirements.
  2. Cash Deposits and Withdrawals: Tyme Bank understands that many SASSA beneficiaries rely on cash transactions. Therefore, they have partnered with various retailers, such as Pick n Pay and Boxer stores, where beneficiaries can deposit or withdraw cash from their Tyme Bank accounts.
  3. Low or No-Fee Banking: Tyme Bank aims to make banking accessible and affordable for all, including SASSA recipients. They offer low or no monthly fees, making it easier for beneficiaries to manage their finances without incurring excessive charges.
  4. Seamless Payments and Transfers: Tyme Bank enables SASSA beneficiaries to make payments and transfer money to other bank accounts conveniently. Whether it’s paying bills, sending money to family members, or making purchases, Tyme Bank’s digital platform provides a user-friendly experience.
  5. Savings and Investment Opportunities: Tyme Bank encourages SASSA beneficiaries to save and grow their money. They offer savings and investment products that provide competitive interest rates, allowing beneficiaries to save for the future and potentially earn more on their funds.
  6. Financial Tools and Education: Tyme Bank understands the importance of financial literacy. They provide budgeting tools and financial insights to help SASSA beneficiaries manage their money effectively. These resources can assist in making informed financial decisions and achieving long-term financial goals.

While this is a brief overview, Tyme Bank’s services for SASSA beneficiaries aim to empower individuals with convenient and affordable banking solutions. For more detailed information and to explore specific offerings, it is recommended to visit Tyme Bank’s official website or contact their customer support.

  1. Access to Digital Banking: Tyme Bank’s digital banking platform allows SASSA beneficiaries to access their accounts anytime and anywhere. Through the Tyme Bank mobile app or online banking portal, individuals can check their balances, view transaction history, and manage their finances conveniently from their smartphones or computers.
  2. SMS Notifications: Tyme Bank understands the importance of staying informed about account activities. SASSA beneficiaries receive SMS notifications for various transactions, such as deposits, withdrawals, and payments. These notifications help beneficiaries keep track of their financial transactions and maintain control over their accounts.
  3. Overdraft Facility: Tyme Bank offers an overdraft facility to eligible SASSA beneficiaries. This feature provides a short-term credit option that allows individuals to access additional funds when needed. It can be a helpful tool to manage unexpected expenses or bridge financial gaps.
  4. Customer Support: Tyme Bank provides dedicated customer support to assist SASSA beneficiaries with any banking-related queries or concerns. Whether it’s a question about account features, transaction issues, or general assistance, the customer support team is available to provide guidance and support.
  5. Financial Inclusion: Tyme Bank’s services for SASSA people aim to promote financial inclusion. By providing accessible and affordable banking solutions, Tyme Bank helps bridge the gap between traditional banking services and underserved communities. This promotes financial empowerment and enables SASSA beneficiaries to participate more actively in the formal economy.
  6. Collaboration with SASSA: Tyme Bank collaborates with the South African Social Security Agency to ensure a seamless experience for SASSA beneficiaries. This partnership helps streamline processes, such as account verification and access to government grants, making it easier for beneficiaries to manage their finances.

It’s important to note that the specific services and features offered by Tyme Bank may be subject to change or updates. For the most accurate and up-to-date information, it is recommended to visit Tyme Bank’s official website or contact their customer support directly.

In conclusion, Tyme Bank provides a range of services tailored to meet the needs of SASSA beneficiaries. From easy account opening to digital banking convenience, Tyme Bank aims to empower individuals with accessible, affordable, and inclusive banking solutions.

Additional information

SASSA grants are changing lives by providing financial assistance to poor and needy South Africans. There are multiple SASSA grants and loans available targeting different categories of people. However, sometimes it gets difficult to wait for the next month if unexpected expenses occur.

TymeBank offers interest-free loans to the SASSA grant holders as an advance. This advance is given to help the beneficiaries before the grants are disbursed. So, let me explain everything on TymeBank SASSA Payments in detail.

TymeBank SASSA Payments ,Tyme Bank

The South African Social Security Agency (SASSA) offers a bunch of different grants and loans. There are people who rely on these grants solely for their day-to-day expenses. Therefore, SASSA has grants for every financially needy citizen, like SRD grants, old age grants, child grants, etc.

Sometimes these beneficiaries face emergencies where they get to spend extra money. Therefore, they are not able to wait until the end of the month to receive their grant and pay their debts. Here is when TymeBank’s services come in handy.

TymeBank Great Advance

SASSA grant holders who use the TymeBank Everyday account can take the TymeBank Great Advance. This advance is basically your SASSA grant amount given to you before the official disbursement date. Moreover, you can borrow up to R500 from TymeBank.

Likewise, you cannot access this advance in the first 20 days of the month; therefore, you can only apply for it in the last ten days. The TymeBank will make the great advance payment to you but then deduct your next grant money as repayment.

TymeBank SASSA Interest-Free Payments

TymeBank offers this service to help people during emergencies or any other event that makes them desperate for money. Because during these times, poor citizens fall into exploitative loans with huge amounts of interest.

Therefore, TymeBank Great Advance is interest-free, and the TymeBank Everyday account holders do not have to pay any money as additional charges.

How to Get TymeBank SASSA Great Advance?

There is only one condition which is to own a TymeBank Everyday account. Apart from this, this grant has no eligibility criteria as long as you are a SASSA grant holder. Furthermore, you need to download the account letter or statement to prove you are receiving your SASSA grant money through TymeBank.

However, if you do not have an account, make one because otherwise, you will not get this advance. Moreover, you can use Internet banking for transferring social grant payments to a TymeBank account. You can also change your banking information at the SASSA office near you.

Who Can Access TymeBank SASSA Payments?

SASSA grants recipients who use a TymeBank Everyday account for receiving their SASSA grants are eligible for this advance. Furthermore, SASSA Child Support Grant holders and Old Age Grant recipients can access TymeBank early payments.


In a nutshell, TymeBank SASSA Payments gives early access to SASSA grants by giving a Great Advance of R500 during the last ten days of the month. Moreover, this advance does not have any interest and therefore helps people by protecting them against exploitative loans. Similarly, if you get this advance, your next grant will be deducted for repayment as it is a short-term advance.

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