Two Lucky Winners Share Sunday’s Daily Lotto Jackpot Worth R147,624.30 Each

Daily Lotto Jackpot Won on Friday
Daily Lotto Jackpot Won on Friday

Johannesburg, South Africa – October 22, 2023

Two Lucky Winners Share Sunday’s Daily Lotto Jackpot

Two Lucky Winners : In a stroke of luck, two fortunate players emerged as winners of the Daily Lotto jackpot on Sunday, October 22, 2023. Each of these lucky players will receive an impressive prize of R147,624.30, making their weekend truly memorable.

The Winning Numbers: Two Lucky Winners

The Daily Lotto draw on Sunday featured the following winning numbers, drawn in numerical order: 02, 06, 12, 14, 15. These numbers proved to be the key to unlocking a substantial jackpot, leaving two winners in disbelief and delight.

Check Your Tickets:

If you purchased a ticket for the Daily Lotto draw on October 22, 2023, it’s essential to check your numbers. You might be one of the fortunate individuals holding a ticket that entitles you to a share of the jackpot.

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Upcoming Draw:

The excitement doesn’t end here. The next Daily Lotto draw is scheduled for Monday, October 23, 2023. The estimated jackpot for this draw is an enticing R420,000, which has the potential to transform the life of another fortunate player.

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Payout Details:

  • Jackpot Winners: 2
  • Prize per Winner: R147,624.30
  • Winning Numbers: 02, 06, 12, 14, 15

Lottery Ticket Sales Closing Time:

If you plan to buy tickets for upcoming draws from a lottery outlet, it’s important to note that ticket sales close at 20:30 on the day of the draw. This cutoff time ensures that all players have a fair chance to participate in the Daily Lotto.


It’s worth remembering that players must be 18 years or older to participate in the Daily Lotto, adhering to the legal requirements.

How to Play the Daily Lotto:

To join in the fun and excitement of the Daily Lotto, players can select their numbers and purchase tickets from authorized outlets. It’s a game of chance that can lead to substantial winnings.

Summary of Lottery Games Schedule:

Here’s a quick overview of the Daily Lotto and other lottery games’ schedule:

  • Monday: Daily Lotto
  • Tuesday: Daily Lotto + PowerBall and PowerBall Plus
  • Wednesday: Daily Lotto + Lotto, Lotto Plus 1, and Lotto Plus 2
  • Thursday: Daily Lotto
  • Friday: Daily Lotto + PowerBall and PowerBall Plus
  • Saturday: Daily Lotto + Lotto, Lotto Plus 1, and Lotto Plus 2
  • Sunday: Daily Lotto

Players have the opportunity to participate in various lottery games throughout the week, with exciting jackpots and prizes up for grabs.

Always Verify on the Official Website:

While we strive to provide accurate results, it’s crucial to confirm the official winning numbers on the National Lottery website. This is the only source that guarantees 100% verification of the results, ensuring transparency and fairness for all participants.

As the Daily Lotto continues to bring joy and excitement to players across South Africa, the next draw on October 23, 2023, promises the potential for yet another life-changing jackpot. Stay tuned, and don’t forget to check your tickets to see if you’re the next fortunate winner.

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