TUT suspends SRC president for partaking in NSFAS Strike 2023


The Tshwane University of Technology (TUT) has suspended its Student Representative Council president Keamogetswe Masike for participation in protests over the National Student Financial Aid Scheme’s (NSFAS) new direct payment system.

The college gave a letter to Masike on August 8, illuminating him that there had been charges of unfortunate behavior evened out against him, wherein it was claimed that he had partaken in coordinated and unapproved understudy activities.

The letter further peruses that the understudy activity which he had partaken in had encroached on the exercises of different understudies or weakened the working of the college.

“Considering the earnestness of the claims and infringement of the College Rules and Guidelines, you are thus suspended with quick impact as an understudy of the Tshwane College of Innovation forthcoming the finish of the examinations and disciplinary activities against you.”

The letter further expresses that during the time of his suspension, Masike wouldn’t be permitted to enter any premises of the college or take part in any exercises except if he is given composed consent by the bad habit chancellor.

“Neglecting to conform to the states of your suspension might prompt further disciplinary activities against you, which might bring about your nearby ejection from the college,” the letter peruses.

Masike said the choice by the college to suspend him for addressing the most unfortunate of the unfortunate understudies who had been adversely impacted by the new immediate installment framework carried out by NSFAS was exceptionally lamentable as he had perpetrated no wrongdoing in the college, nor did he have any forthcoming charges of wrongdoing against him.

“In addition to the fact that this choice influences me, yet it straightforwardly influences understudies too on the grounds that I can’t get to any offices of the college. Nonetheless, I’m educated regarding my privileges in the meantime.”

Masike demanded that he would be legitimately difficult the college’s choice before very long.

Understudy fights emitted at TUT in June over the recently executed direct installment framework and a portion of the selected specialist organizations. TUT

On account of TUT, understudy pioneers lamented the proceeded with execution of eZaga as its specialist co-op as they affirmed that the outsider internet banking administration was unpracticed and had deferred the installment of much-required understudy stipends.

Issues in regards to NSFAS heightened with understudies from the College of Pretoria likewise raising worries about issues with their specialist organization, bringing about understudies who had at first assembled at the Association Structures conflicting with the police after they advanced toward the Division of Advanced education in Tshwane requesting a crowd of people with Clergyman Edge Nzimande.

According to Newspapers :TUT

Masike’s suspension bans him from entering any TUT premises or participate in any of its activities unless given an order by vice-chancellor Tinyiko Maluleke. Failing to comply with the order may lead to his immediate expulsion from the university, according to the letter.

“In view of the seriousness of the allegations and violation of the University Rules and Regulations, you are hereby suspended with immediate effect as a student of TUT pending the finalisation of investigations and disciplinary actions against you,” read the letter. 

Masike said he believed he did nothing wrong as he was representing students who were facing evictions from their residences.

“We’ve said it can’t be business as usual when officials want to go to their offices and pretend to be acting on this matter whereas they are not, students can’t attend class when money has disappeared from their accounts and no one is held accountable,” said Masike.

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