Top 40 SETA Learnerships 2024 | List of Accredited Companies

Top 40 SETA Learnerships 2024 | List of Accredited Companies

TOP 40 SETA Learnerships 2024


Here are top +40 Seta learnerships you should apply for in 2024. A list of all the seta acreddited companies in South Africa that offer skills development programmes, short courses, online learning and more.

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With your Grade 10 or Matric you can apply for any of these seta learnerships if you qualify. Choose one learnership programme that suites best your experience, qualification and interest. 




These companies are acreddited by different seta’s which are Bankseta, Agriseta, Mictseta, Inseta, Lgseta, Merseta, Ewseta and many more. You should apply for these learnerships by 2024 and start your career in a new path

Top 40 Seta Learnerships 2024: Acreddited Training Providers

  01.  iLearn   

ILearn offers various types of programmes for employed and unemployed people. With learnerships, Digital Learning courses and skills programmes. They have a huge catalogue of skills development programmes to help both youth and businesses in South Africa. Located in Johannesburg, Cape Town, Durban and Port Elizabeth. 


At iLearn, our purpose is to empower people to empower others.

We aim to help companies grow their people and their businesses by creating ‘active learning’ environments in which people learn through supportive experiences and not simply lecturing. This type of learning promotes wellbeing, inspires confidence and effects meaningful and long-lasting change.

Our 21 years in skills development has given us the ability to streamline solutions, saving our clients time and providing complete peace of mind.

Apply: ILearn Learnership Application  

02. Speccon (Elearning)  

Speccon is the industry leader in online learning in South Africa especially when it comes to learnerships and courses. They also have on-site Learnerships for both disabled and abled people. Their remarkable courses earn you a qualification in many areas of study.

What Do We Stand For?

At SpecCon Holdings, we are dedicated to fostering a dynamic community centered around skill enhancement

Our mission is to make online learning, both affordable and accessible to everyone. We aim to pave the way for businesses to embrace eLearning as the leading platform for elevating their employees’ skills and expertise

Apply: Speccon Learnership Application  

03. Training Force  

Training Force offers learnerships in Wholesale and Retail, Business, IT, Logistics, Manufacturing and more. Located in multiple locations all over South Africa, working very closely with institutions, businesses and government related organizations. 

Apply: Training Force Learnership Application  

04. Bconsult  

Bconsult is a skills development initiative with learnerships, Skills Development, Skills Programs, E-Learning and Employment Equity Training. Bconsult is accredited with various setas namely, Merseta, TETA, Service Seta, Wholesale and Retail seta, and MICT seta. With nation wide training programmes for both companies and individuals.

Apply: Bconsult Learnership Application  

05. Signa Academy   

Signa is a youth empowerment organisation, it also has a Yes Youth Programme for people who are unemployed and would wish to be connected with employers. Accredited by various Setas and hold a good track record in working with industry leaders.

Apply: Signa Learnership Application  

06. SA Business School   

SA Business School has Business related learnerships which are namely Generic Management and other ones within this field. They offer training via online learning and classroom. They have trained over +5000 disadvantaged people in South Africa. Accredited by 

Apply: SA Business School Learnership Application  

07. Edge Training  

Edge Training is based in multiple locations all over the country making it an advantage for learners, not forgetting their Learnership programmes that are diverse. You can get learnerships in Hospitality, Business, IT and more.

Apply: Edge Training Learnership Application  

08. DVT  

DVT  has tech and business related learnerships, their form of delivering learnerships in unique. When you enrol on their learnerships you will be part of 24 months programme that scores you international certifications over this period. This company is currently accredited by MICT.

Apply: DVT Learnership Application  

09. muzi  

Umuzi is an organization that connects youth with organisations that are looking for highly skilled tech savvy individuals. If you are good in Graphic Design, UX, Web Development and other tech related skills. Umuzi is the right place to start your career and uplift your self with new connections in this industry.

Apply: Umuzi Learnership Application  

10. Wethinkcode  

Wethinkcode is a tech training academy that focuses on training young people with IT Skills. If you are a tech person, you should know that we think code can earn you a qualification with their programmes in IT and be job ready. Located in Johannesburg, Durban and Cape Town.

Apply: Wethinkcode Learnership Application  

11. SDP (Skills Development Professionals)  

SDP offer online learning learnerships to disadvantaged people who are unemployed. Their online learnership courses are accredited by various Seta’s. Courses in Computer Basics, Business, Self-Development and more. Typically, learners earn a stipend of R400 per month for a 12 months duration.

Apply: SDP Learnership Application  

12. SDC Group  

SDC is an acreddited training provider based in Gauteng and Westen Cape. With learnerships in Business, IT, Wholesale and Retail and many more. Accredited by various SETA’s which are W&RSETA, ABSETA, Mictseta, SASSETA, Inseta and Services SATA. 

Apply: SDC Learnership Application  

13. Quest College   

Quest College is a virtual campus that offers learnerships and courses for people who would like to develop their skills. Their online campus allows learners to learn anywhere from home while earning a monthly stipend that can cover their learning costs such as data (WIFI). 

Apply: Quest College Learnership Application  

14. Edupower  

Edupower offer learners the opportunity to be mentored through learnership programmes that are based in various fields of study.  Edupower focuses on helping people with disabilities, and they promise a full-time job offer once you finish. It’s a win-win – you learn, you work, and you’re set for a job.

Apply: Edupower Learnership Application  

15. Drake Academy  

Drake Academy offers learnerships in Generic Management, Project Management and Also Venture Creation. With campuses in Cape Town, Johannesburg , East London and Durban.

Apply: Drake Academy Learnership Application  

16. MindWorx  

Mindworx offers learnership programmes for corporates, graduates and disadvantaged individuals. They have National Certificate Learnerships, Data Science Courses, Analytic courses, Cloud Computing courses and many more. Located in Johannesburg, Pretoria and Sandton.

  Apply: Mindworx Learnership Application  

17. RelatED  

Related is a company that focuses on training young to older people, by giving them mentorship, skills and retail connections including experience. So basically you will be enrolled in a training programme that prepares you for retail employers. These employers are normally retail stores that we as South Africans already know about.

Apply: RelatED Learnership Application  

18. Advanced Assessments  

This company offers learners, computer training and also skills programmes. Located in Gauteng, with learnership courses that focus highly on Contact Centre, Banking, Business and IT. Accredited by Mict, Bankseta etc…

Apply: Advanced Assessments Learnership Application  

19. TCM Academy   

TCM is a tech company based in South Africa offering skills training in ICT. Whether you are looking for an internship or learnership this company has it all.    TCM Academy is based in Midrand, Johannesburg. 

Apply: TCM Academy Leanership Application  

20. Felix Risk Consultants  

Felix is a company located in Durban, KwaZulu Natal. That offers learnership programmes and also distance learning solutions for companies. You can apply for their learnerships, short courses and skills programmes as an unemployed individual. This company is accredited by Bankseta, Inseta, MICT, QCTO and W&RSETA.

Apply: Felix Learnership Application  

21. M2 engineering Academy  

This company focuses on providing youth with skills in engineering fields like Boilermaking, Mechanical Fitters, Millwright, Electrical, Instrument Mechanician, Welding and Fitting & Turning. Based in Mpumalanga and accredited by three Seta’s.

Apply: M2 Engineering Learnership Application        

22. Skills Juntion  

Skills Juntion is a acreddited skills development company based in Johannesburg. Offering learnerships for both disabled and abled people, they also offer skills development programmes, short courses including elearning.

Apply: Skills Juntion  Learnership Application  

23. Devine Creators  

Devine Creators strives to provide youth with tools, education and a platform to learn anywhere you are. Their online learning strategy allows youth to gain skills and qualifications typically in 12 months period.

Apply: Devine Creators Learnership Application  

24. SkillUp  

Skillup along with other companies like Quest College provide online learnerships for people who are unemployed. Acreddited by various Seta’s, hosting 12 months related programmes for youth in South Africa.

25. CYWGJ   

This organisation is all about about connecting Youth with jobs that are suitable for them. With a lot of skills training programmes and community involved programmes. This initiative connects youth with future employers.

APPLY: CYWGJ Elearning Learnership Application  

26. Gauteng City College  

Gauteng City college is a private institution that offers both vocational training also skills development programmes such as learnerships. Accredited by all 21 SETA, this college offers learnership courses as means of eliminating youth unemployment.

Apply: Gauteng City College Learnerships  

27. Learnex  

This accredited training provider offers learnerships in ICT, Business, Project Management, Office Administration. Acreddited by services seta, Mict, and other related seta’s. 

Apply: Learnex Learnership Application  

28. TVET SA  

TVET SA is a college for people who like to gain practical skills in areas like Retail, Manufacturing and Business.  TVET SA is accredited by the FP&M SETA, W&R SETA and Services SETA. Their learnerships have a duration of 12 months and along with a monthly stipend for learners. Located in various locations in South Africa. 

Apply: TVET SA Learnership Application  

29. Girl Code  

Girl Code is empowering women in Tech. This organisation strives for equipping 10 Million women and girls with tech skills by 2030. With online bootcamps, courses and learnerships for people who are at the age of 18-35. This company is located in Midrand/Gauteng.

Apply: GirlCode Learnership Application  

30. TLO  

The Learning Organization is a company dedicated to offering various learning programs. These programs cover areas like business, IT, computer skills, and personal development. They’re accredited by eight different SETAs within the industry, ensuring the quality of education.

Apply: The Learning Organization Learnership Application  

31. CSG  

CSG is a skills development company that focuses on online training programmes, short courses, learnerships and more skills related fields. Acreddited by SETA for most of all the programmes they offer. Generic Management, Project Management, Administration, Hygiene and Cleaning and many more.

Apply: CSG Learnerships for Grade 11 in 2023  

32. GPR Training Academy  

This accredited training provider offers a range of learnerships and an e-learning platform for skills development.  The focus of the Academy is on NQF Levels 1, 2, 3 and 4 learners. However, learners on NQF Level 5 have also been enrolled on specific programmes, which includes full qualification Learnerships.

33. The Beauty Hub Academy  

The Beauty Academy is a beauty training skills provider with learnerships in nails, hairdressing and other related fields within this field.  This company aims to provide young people with skills to be professional Hairdressers and Beauty Therapists. They do so by offering training, mentorship and comprehensive learnership courses.

Apply: Beauty Hub Academy Learnership Application  

34. Beauty Colab  

This company courses in Nails and other learnership programmes within the beauty industry. They offer virtual learning programs for learners who are interested in studying from the comfort of their homes. Acreddited by various seta’s and based in multiple locations with salons.

Apply: Beauty Colab Learnership Application          

35. Lulaway   

Lulaway is a company that offers skills solutions for learners and businesses. Hosts over 7 accredited learnerships and has trained over 7500 interns and learners in SA. Lulaway makes it easier for people who are looking for  funded internships to get connected with employers and also businesses that have partnered with Lulaway.

Apply: Lulaway Learnership Application       

36. Tusanang  

Tusanang Group is a program that helps young people develop skills. They’re accredited by different bodies like W&R SETA, Service SETA, Foodbev SETA, and Agri SETA.

Apply: Tusanang Group Learnership Application  

37. Siseleko Business and Technology  

This company is actively offering learnership programmes for people who live in Johannesburg. These learnerships courses are Generic Management, Systems development, Business Analysis and more other learnerships.

Apply: Siseko Learnerships Application  

38. Dynamic DNA  

Dynamic DNA offers learnerships in ICT field acreddited by MICTA. With a wide range of learnership courses in tech industry such as End User computing, Systems Development, Telecommunication Systems including other courses in Business. Their head offices are based in Randburg/Johannesburg. 

Apply: Dynamic DNA Learnership Application       

39. BPO Academy  

BPO connects young people with internships and learnerships. Based in Westen Cape, Kwazulu Natal and also Cape Town. If you are keen to taking your career to the next level join BPO Academy today. To apply use the link     

40. Trainers without borders  

This company is like any other acreddited training provider out there. With a good track record in providing learnership programmes that enable learners to aquire a National Certificate in various fields of study.

Apply: Trainers Without Borders Application   

Our Mission

We bring success to our clients. Continuously contributing towards enhancing their corporate values, through caring for people and delivering results through training.

Our Vision

South Africa in origin but global in scope, as our name suggest, we are not bound by any boundaries, our training’s cut across many countries.

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