Tiger Brands Graduate Internships 2023/2024: Unlock Your Career Potential with Tiger Brands

Are you a recent graduate aspiring to excel in your career? Look no further than Tiger Brands! As a reputable South African company, Tiger Brands is excited to introduce its Graduate Internship Programme for the years 2023 and 2024.

About Tiger Brands: Nurturing Future Leaders

Tiger Brands is committed to fostering the growth of talented graduates through its highly regarded Future Leaders Development Programme (FLDP). Designed as an intensive 24-month developmental journey, the FLDP seeks to identify and nurture South African graduates with exceptional leadership potential.

What Sets FLDP Apart?

Selected candidates for the FLDP will have the unique opportunity to explore diverse disciplines within our organization. Through a meticulously structured training regimen, participants are equipped with the skills and knowledge needed to assume pivotal roles within the company.

Available Graduate Internship Opportunities

Tiger Brands is delighted to announce a range of exciting Graduate Internship Opportunities:

  1. Customer Interns:
    • Suitable for those with a BCom Degree in Business, Marketing, or related fields such as Entrepreneurship, Economics, and Business Management.
  2. Research and Development Interns:
    • Open to Bachelor’s Degree or Btech holders in fields like Food Technology, Biotechnology, and Microbiology.
  3. Marketing Interns:
    • Ideal for individuals holding a Bachelor’s Degree with a major in Marketing Management.
  4. Chemical Engineering Interns:
    • Designed for BSc/BEng Degree holders in Chemical Engineering.
  5. Information Technology Interns:
    • A great opportunity for those with a BSc in Information Technology or Computer Science.
  6. Mechanical Engineering Interns:
    • Tailored for BSc/BEng Degree holders in Mechanical Engineering.
  7. Corporate Affairs Interns:
    • Suitable for candidates with a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Management, Economics, Enterprise Development, Communications, Strategic Communication, or Journalism.
  8. Human Resources Interns:
    • Relevant to those with a BCom Degree specializing in Human Resources or Industrial Psychology.
  9. Industrial Engineering Interns:
    • Designed for BSc/BEng Degree holders in Industrial Engineering or Electrical Engineering.
  10. Supply Chain Management Interns:
    • Open to individuals with a BCom Degree in Logistics or Supply Chain.
  11. Finance CA(SA) Stream Interns:
    • Ideal for those with a BCom Degree in Accounting and completion of level 2 CTA.
  12. Future Leaders Development Programme (All Qualifications):
    • Open to all qualifications related to Engineering, Accounting (CA)SA Stream, Marketing, Finance, HR, Corporate Affairs, Supply Chain, and IT.

Application Process

Don’t miss out on this incredible opportunity to kick-start your career journey with Tiger Brands. To apply, simply click on the provided link: Apply Here.

Take the first step towards a successful career with Tiger Brands. Apply today and shape your future!

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