Severe Thunderstorms and Hail Forecast for South Africa on December 6, 2023

Severe Thunderstorms
Severe Thunderstorms

Severe Weather Alerts : Severe Thunderstorms

Yellow Level 2 Warning

Severe thunderstorms with damaging winds and large hail expected in western and central parts of KwaZulu-Natal, eastern half of the Free State, southern parts of Gauteng, and Mpumalanga.

Yellow Level 1 Warning

Damaging winds forecasted over the central and south-eastern parts of the Northern Cape, leading to difficult driving conditions and blowing of loose debris.

Fire Danger Warnings

Extremely high fire danger conditions expected in northern parts of Limpopo, Kamiesberg Municipality of the Northern Cape, and Bergrivier Municipality of the Western Cape.


No advisories currently in effect.

Conditions and UVB Forecast


  • Partly cloudy and warm, hot in the north.
  • Isolated showers in the afternoon, scattered in the extreme south.
  • UVB Sunburn Index: Very High.

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  • Cloudy and cool to warm.
  • Scattered showers and thundershowers, isolated in the extreme north-east.


  • Partly cloudy and very hot to extremely hot in the west.
  • Cloudy and warm to hot with isolated showers and thundershowers in east and central parts.

North West

  • Partly cloudy, windy, and hot to very hot.
  • Isolated thundershowers, except in the extreme north-west.

Free State

  • Morning fog patches in the east, cool.
  • Partly cloudy, windy, and warm to hot.
  • Scattered showers and thundershowers, isolated in the far west.

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Northern Cape

  • Windy over the interior, partly cloudy and warm to hot.
  • Very hot in the east with isolated thundershowers in the extreme east.
  • Wind: Moderate south-westerly along the coast.

Western Cape

  • Partly cloudy along the south-coast and interior, becoming fine and warm to hot.
  • Very hot along the west coast.
  • Wind: Moderate south-westerly along the west coast, fresh to strong east to south-easterly.

Eastern Cape

Western Half

  • Partly cloudy and warm, or cloudy and cool with light rain in the extreme east.
  • Windy with isolated showers and thundershowers in the north and eastern parts from the afternoon.
  • Wind: Moderate to fresh easterly along the coast.

Eastern Half

  • Windy and warm in the north-west.
  • Cloudy with scattered showers and thundershowers.
  • Wind: Light to moderate easterly along the coast, becoming fresh to strong north-easterly in the afternoon.


  • Cloudy and cool, cold in the south-western parts.
  • Scattered showers and thundershowers in the afternoon.
  • Wind: Moderate south-easterly, becoming easterly to north-easterly in the afternoon.
  • UVB Sunburn Index: Low.

Stay informed with daily regional weather forecasts provided by the South African Weather Service.

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