SASSA’s MoyaApp: A Lifeline for South Africans Dependent on the SRD Grant

SASSA's MoyaApp
SASSA's MoyaApp

SASSA’s MoyaApp : Amidst the recent chaos surrounding SASSA’s Gold Cards, the emergence of the SASSA SRD Grant app, known as MoyaApp, has quietly become a game-changer for millions of South Africans reliant on the monthly R350 endowment. The app, now available on both Google and iOS App stores, has served as a beacon of hope amidst challenges faced by grant recipients.

SASSA’s MoyaApp : Accessibility Challenges and Significance

However, despite its significance, the app faces a challenge in a country where over 65% of the population lacks access to smartphones. Nonetheless, the appeal and impact of the SASSA SRD Grant app remain substantial.

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Features and Services

The app, offering a multitude of features, serves as an all-in-one platform for grant recipients. It includes essential services like checking SRD Grant status, data-free messaging, voice and video calling, games with cash prizes, and a money account for seamless financial management. Additionally, it provides access to numerous content services, including news, education, health, and financial transactions, alongside market research opportunities.

Popularity and Reliability

MoyaApp, despite not being owned by the South African Social Security Agency, boasts over 10 million downloads, 175,000 reviews, and an average rating of 4.1 stars. These statistics reflect its popularity and reliability among users.

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SASSA Contact Information

For further information or assistance, individuals can reach out to SASSA through multiple channels, including toll-free calls, the head office contact number, and email.


The SASSA SRD Grant app, MoyaApp, has emerged as a versatile tool benefiting those reliant on the SRD Grant in South Africa. Despite challenges related to smartphone accessibility, its array of features, data-free services, and market research opportunities make it an invaluable resource for those in need. If dependent on SASSA support, considering a download of this app might be worthwhile.

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