Sassa Urges Social Grant Recipients to Collect New Cards

Collect New Cards
Collect New Cards

Issuing of New Cards Begins

Collect New Cards : The South African Social Security Agency (Sassa) has commenced the issuance of new cards starting from March 13. The agency is specifically calling on all recipients of social grants whose gold cards are set to expire in March to Collect New Cards promptly.

Limited Availability for March Expiry

These new gold cards are exclusively available to individuals whose existing cards are due to expire in March. The distribution of these cards is scheduled for March 13 and 14, targeting recipients of old-age and disability grants.

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Requirements for Collection : Collect New Cards

Recipients of child-support grants and all other grant categories are advised to visit their respective post offices from March 15 to March 18 for card collection. To facilitate the process, individuals should bring the following:

  • A valid South African identity document.
  • The current Sassa/Postbank gold card set to expire in March 2023.

Activation Assistance at Post Offices

Upon reaching the post office, dedicated staff will guide recipients through the activation of their new cards, facilitate the selection of a new PIN, and ensure the immediate functionality of the cards.

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Upcoming Communication

Sassa has assured recipients that further announcements will be made regarding individuals whose cards are slated to expire in the future. This proactive communication approach aims to keep beneficiaries informed and engaged in the transition process.

As Sassa takes these steps to streamline card renewals, recipients are encouraged to stay updated on the agency’s communications for a smooth and efficient transition.

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