SASSA Status Check: How to Track the Progress of Your Application 2023/24

The South African Social Security Agency (SASSA) provides a range of grants to eligible citizens who meet certain criteria. These grants are designed to support individuals and families who are struggling to make ends meet, and can provide a vital lifeline to those in need. However, applying for a SASSA grant can be a complex and time-consuming process, and it can be difficult to know when you will receive a response. In this article, we’ll explore how to check the status of your SASSA application and what you can expect during the process.

Why Check Your SASSA Status?

When you apply for a SASSA grant, it can take some time for your application to be processed. This is because there are a large number of applications to be reviewed, and each application must be carefully assessed to ensure that it meets the eligibility criteria. During this time, you may be wondering when you will receive a response, or whether your application has been approved or rejected. Checking your SASSA status can help to put your mind at ease, and can provide you with important information about the progress of your application.

How to Check Your SASSA Status

There are several ways to check the status of your SASSA application. The most common method is to call the SASSA toll-free hotline at 0800 60 10 11 and provide your ID number. This will allow you to speak to a customer service representative who can check the status of your application and provide you with an update. Alternatively, you can visit your nearest SASSA office and inquire about the status of your application in person. This can be a good option if you prefer to speak to someone face-to-face, or if you have additional questions or concerns that you would like to discuss.

What to Expect During the SASSA Status Check Process

When you check your SASSA status, there are several things that you can expect to happen. First, you will need to provide your ID number and other identifying information to the customer service representative or SASSA staff member. This is to ensure that your application is correctly identified and that your personal information is protected. Once your application has been located, the staff member will check the status of your application and provide you with an update. This may include information about whether your application has been approved or rejected, when you can expect to receive your grant payment,

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Sassa Status Check: If you’re interested in verifying your Sassa status, this guide is your go-to resource. It contains all the necessary information about the Sassa status check, including details about the SRD Sassa and SRD R350 application processes. Apart from checking your Sassa status, this site also offers Sassa-related news and updates. Stay informed about Sassa grants, applications, reapplications, social grants, and SRD grants here.


Sassa Status Check R350 Payment Dates

Performing a Sassa status check is a crucial step in the application process. It enables you to monitor your application’s progress and ensure timely processing. By following the steps provided in this guide, you can effortlessly check your Sassa status online

Sassa Status Check Srd

Are you wondering how to check your Sassa status or SRD status online? It’s easy! Simply visit the Sassa website and navigate to the status check page. You will need to provide your ID number and other personal information to verify your identity

Once your identity is confirmed, you will be able to view your Sassa or SRD status, including any updates related to your application. This will enable you to track the progress of your application and ensure that you receive the benefits you are entitled to.

Sassa Payment Dates

Sassa R350 Status Check: How to Track Your Application Progress
There are several methods available for checking and receiving your R350 social grant payment. One option is to use the Moya App or the official SASSA website to check your status. Alternatively, SASSA status check is easy using your cellphone via SMS or WhatsApp. With these various methods, it is easy to stay updated on the status of your R350 social grant application and ensure that you receive the benefits you are entitled to.
Checking Your Sassa R350 Status Online: Everything You Need to Know
If you want to check your Sassa status and track the progress of your SRD application, simply follow these easy steps:
Visit the SRD website at
Click on the “Check Status” button located under the “Application Status” tab.
You will be redirected to the Sassa Status check Page.
Enter your ID number and phone number.
Click on the “Submit” button.
Once you click on “Submit,” your application status will be displayed.

By following these steps, you can easily check your Sassa status and ensure that your application is being processed in a timely manner.

Get Updates on Your SRD Sassa Relief Fund Status Anytime, Anywhere with SMS or WhatsApp
To check your SASSA status, you can also use WhatsApp as a second method. Simply send a message to 082 046 8553 to check your application status.
Another option is to call the toll-free number 0800601011 to speak to a Sassa official. Before making the call, ensure that you have your cell phone number and ID number ready.
Moreover, you can select your preferred language of communication with the staff to ensure a smooth and effective conversation.
By utilizing these alternative methods, you can easily perform a SASSA status check and receive the necessary updates on your application progress.
A Simple Guide to Checking Your SASSA Status Using the Moya App
The Moya app offers a simple and convenient way to check the status of your Sassa SRD R350 grant application. To get started, follow the steps below:
Download the Moya app from either the Apple App Store or Google Play Store, depending on your smartphone.
Open the app and enter your allotted ID number and phone number. Ensure that you input the correct information and double-check it before submitting.
Once you submit your details, you will be directed to a menu where you can check the status of your Sassa Relief funds.
To check the status for a specific month, select the relevant month from the menu.
The status for the selected month will be displayed as either “Approved,” “Declined,” or “Pending.”

By following these steps, you can easily check the status of your Sassa SRD R350 grant application on the Moya app.
How to Check if Your R350 Social Relief of Distress Grant Application Has Been Approved
The above-mentioned methods enable you to check the status of your SASSA SRD R350 application at any time. The following outputs may be displayed, along with their meanings:
Application Complete: Your SRD SASSA grant will be awarded to you monthly after your application has been verified upon reapplication.
Bank Details Pending: SASSA has approved your application, but you have not provided or selected a payment gateway to receive the SASSA grant. Visit for information on submitting banking details.
Reapplication Pending: To continue receiving the SASSA R350 grant due to the COVID-19 disaster, you must reapply annually. If your reapplication is pending, it means that you have not submitted a new application or that a new application has not been received.
Period (e.g. November) Pending: The SASSA official has received the reapplication, but the verification process has not yet been completed. Check back later in the month for the latest status.
Period (e.g. November) Approved: The grant application for the specified period has been approved. Check the pay date field to confirm when the grant money will be paid. If there is no payment date listed, SASSA has not yet processed any payment for you.
Period (e.g. November) Declined: SASSA has declined the grant application for the specified period and provided a reason. Applicants whose applications have been declined can appeal or request reconsideration within 30 days.
Some of The Reasons For The Declined Application include:
Alternative Income Source Identified, UIF Registered, NSFAS Registered, Debtor, Referred, Identity Verification Failed, etc

SASSA Status Check – SRD Status Check Online Video Guide

What Does The SRD Grant Entail?

The srd Sassa status check is an essential process for beneficiaries to determine the payment schedule and collection dates. The South African Social Security Agency (SASSA) is responsible for distributing the R350 Social Relief Grant and providing government assistance for the Covid-19 Social Relief benefit, as well as disability grant recipients and child support grant beneficiaries.

SASSA announces the monthly payment schedule for the Social Relief Grant, which provides financial aid to eligible individuals. Beneficiaries must meet the official eligibility criteria to qualify for the grant.

How To Collect SASSA Payments

Individuals without banking details can collect their grant cash from various locations such as Post Office branches (SAPO/Post Bank), Pick-N-Pay, or Boxer stores. Another option is a Bank Mobile Money Transfer (cash send option).

However, it’s important to note that you can only collect your grant money after receiving a notification SMS confirming the payment. Check the following table for this week’s SRD Grant Payment Dates.

How To Receive Your Sassa Grant Through Your Bank Account

Getting payments through your bank account is the most convenient and fastest method to receive the Sassa grant. It saves you the hassle of waiting in queues at the Post Office. The grant amount for each month will be directly deposited into the bank account of the approved beneficiary as per the grant application. However, it’s essential to ensure that the bank details or cellular phone number used for payment are registered in the name of the applicant approved in the Covid-19 R350 grant application process to ensure that the payment goes to the right person.

Revised SASSA Grant Payment Dates for The Remaining Period

The Government of the Republic of South Africa still has a backlog of grants being received by various government departments that are currently under review. This article aims at providing an update on what to expect from the Sassa Grant Payment Dates Schedule for the remainder of 2023/2023.

Sassa Status Check Pending Many people who check their SASSA status online only see a status of “pending” and are therefore unable to receive the R350 special COVID-19 SRD grant. On June 1, 2023, the official SASSA released the following statement: Payments for the new cycle of the grant, which starts in April 2023, will be made from mid-June 2023. SASSA will continue to clear outstanding payments from the previous cycle as bank details are confirmed.

These payments will not be made all at once but will be made on a monthly basis. More than one payment may be made in a month, but no one will receive double payments. SASSA will make multiple payments in a month until the backlog is cleared, after which monthly payments will resume.

How to Request a Reconsideration for SASSA’s R350 Grant After Checking Your Application Status

The process of reconsideration for the South African Social Security Agency (SASSA) R350 Covid-19 relief grant involves a double-check of personal details and income status to ensure that the applicant is a vulnerable individual. However, delays have been reported due to communication difficulties with banks and financial institutions. To dispute an R350 grant status, applicants can follow the steps outlined on the Sassa status check reconsideration tab on the SRD portal.

The Covid-19 relief grant has been extended for the next 12 months until March 2023 to help those most in need. It is crucial to reapply for the grant to confirm personal details and income status, especially since applicants must consent to SASSA’s verification process under the Protection of Personal Information Act.

If an application status check fails, it may be due to mismatched details provided by the applicant. A means test is used to verify an applicant’s data and determine eligibility for the grant. The SASSA status can be checked for free on the: website. Every time a means test is taken, the status is updated, depending on the applicant’s financial situation. “Post office not selected” means that the applicant can collect the grant from any SAPO branch.

What is The Process for Reconsidering My SASSA R350 Grant Application?

To check the status of a reconsideration application, the applicant can navigate to the SASSA Reconsideration portal and submit their South African ID number and phone number. If an applicant has not received their R350 grant, it may be due to incorrect information provided or delays in updating bank details. SASSA beneficiaries are advised to choose bank details over cardless payment options for faster payments.

What is The End Date for The Sassa r350 grant status check?

During his State of the Nation Address (SONA) in Cape Town on February 10, President Cyril Ramaphosa declared that the Covid-19 R350 government grant and other grant payments would be prolonged until March 2023, spanning the next 12 months. The Relief of Distress Grant is intended to continue aiding those who require it most in South Africa. This grant should be viewed as temporary, affording individuals the chance to explore new career prospects.

To determine the status of their SRD grant application, applicants may visit the official SASSA website at By clicking on the online dashboard link at, individuals can access the SRD grant application status page.

To proceed, they will need to provide their South African ID number and the phone number they used to submit their application. It is worth noting that grant recipients must meet certain criteria, including being between 18 and 60 years of age, unemployed, not receiving any other social grants or government COVID-19 support, and not eligible for unemployment insurance or other financial assistance from the National Student Financial Aid Scheme.

Over time, individuals’ circumstances may have shifted, and it is important to verify their personal information, income, and financial status. In order to comply with the Protection of Personal Information Act (POPIA), which became effective on July 21, 2021, applicants must accept the strengthened declaration and consent. To be eligible for the Social Relief of Distress Grant or to have their application reevaluated, applicants must grant SASSA permission to verify their identity, residency, income, or social security benefits with any relevant institution.


How Do I Check The Status Of My SRD R350?

To check the status of your SRD R350, you can contact the relevant authorities or visit the official website for updates. or call Sassa’s toll-free number, 0800601011.3

How Do I Check The Status Of My SASSA R350 Payment Date 2023?

To check the status of your SASSA R350 payment date in 2023, you can contact SASSA directly or visit their official website for the most up-to-date information.

Can I check SASSA R350?

Yes, you can check the status of your SASSA R350 payment by visiting their website or contacting their helpline.

How do I check my SASSA grant payday?

To check your SASSA grant payday, you can go to the SASSA website or get in touch with their helpline.

How do I check the status of my R350 in June 2023?

You can check the status of your R350 payment in June 2023 on the SASSA website or by contacting their helpline.

How to Check SASSA Status of SRD Grant Online?

To check the status of your SRD Grant online, you can visit the SASSA website.

Can’t check SRD status?

If you are unable to check your SRD status online, consider contacting the SASSA helpline for assistance.

How Do You Check If Your SASSA is in?

To sassa payment status check is in, you can follow these steps:

Visit The Official SASSA Website.

  1. Look for the “Check Payment Status” or “Payment Enquiry” section.
  2. Enter your personal details, such as your ID number and SASSA reference number.
  3. Submit the information and wait for the system to retrieve your payment status.
  4. Review the displayed information to see if your SASSA payment has been processed and if it is available for collection.

Alternatively, you can contact the SASSA helpline or visit your nearest SASSA office for assistance in checking your payment status.

How To Check SRD Status And Pay Date?

To ascertain the status of their SRD grant application, applicants can access the official SASSA website at Through the utilization of the online dashboard link provided at, individuals can conveniently navigate to the dedicated page for monitoring the progress of their SRD grant application.

How To Check the Status Of SRD?

To check the status of your SRD (Social Relief of Distress) application, you can visit the official SASSA website and look for the dedicated section to check the application status. Provide the necessary information, such as identification details or application reference number, and review the displayed information for updates on your SRD application.

How Do I Check The Status Of My SASSA R350 Payment Date For April?

Applicants of the SASSA SRD R350 Grant who wish to inquire about the status of their application and payment date for the April 2023 module can easily do so by accessing the official website at By visiting this website, applicants can conveniently check the progress of their application and obtain information regarding their payment date.

How To Apply For R700 Grant Online?

To access the website dedicated to the Social Relief of Distress (SRD) grant, please visit On this platform, you will discover comprehensive details about the SRD grant, including application procedures. Furthermore, you can conveniently track the status of your application through this website as well.

Why Does My SRD Status Check Say Pending?

When your application status is labeled as “Pending,” it signifies that your application is yet to receive approval. During this stage, SASSA is actively reviewing and verifying the information you have provided. It is important to note that there are no specific actions required from you at this point; simply exercise patience while SASSA carries out its thorough checks on your application.

If The SASSA Status Check Fails, What Does it Mean?

An application status check may fail if the user-provided details don’t match the Department of home affairs database. This is because the details provided at the time of making an application are used to verify identity before it is processed by the system.

On SASSA’s Status Page, What Is The Meaning Of The Means Test?

The means test is applied to applicants in order to verify their application. This test is used to determine eligibility and whether the income is sufficient.

What is The Process For Checking My SASSA Status For Free Online? is a website that allows you to keep track of the status of your application at any time while giving you a notification every few days on whether your application has been successful or not.

Am I Unable To Check My Sassa SRD R350 Status?

If you encounter an “identification verification fails” message during your checking SASSA status, it indicates that the information you provided doesn’t match the Department of Home Affairs records. To proceed with checking your status, ensure you enter the correct details.

What Does “Not Selected” Mean in Sassa’s Status?

When conducting the check Sassa status and you come across the status “not selected,” it indicates that your application for a grant has not been approved by Sassa. This situation requires careful consideration of your options, such as reapplying, appealing the decision, or requesting a reconsideration.

What Does “Post Office Not Selected” Mean in Sassa’s Status?

Sassa grants don’t require you to collect them from a specific post office location. “Post office not selected” means you can collect your grant from any SAPO branch based on your preferences.

How Can I Check My Sassa Status Reconsideration Application?

If your Sassa grant application has been declined, you can submit a reconsideration application. You can check the status of your reconsideration application by visiting the Sassa reconsideration portal, which requires your South African ID number and phone number to submit the application.

Why Haven’t I Received My Sassa R350?

There have been cases where Sassa was unable to pay applicants due to incorrect information provided, such as incorrect contact information or bank details. Applicants who keep updating their bank details may also experience delays in receiving their grant payments. Sassa advises choosing bank details over cardless payment options at ATMs for faster payments.

Why is My Sassa R350 Status Still Pending?

If your Sassa r350 status is pending, it means that your application is still being verified and screened, and it has not been approved yet. Once approved, you’ll receive an SMS from a Sassa official requesting your bank details.

How Can I Check My Sassa SRD Status Balance?

To check your Sassa SRD status balance, dial 12069277# on your phone and follow the instructions.

How Can I Check My Sassa Status On Govchat?

Sassa status checks on the Govchat app or website. Visit the website or email [email protected] to access the information.

How Can I Check My Sassa Payment Status?

The South African Sassa agency announces the R350 Social Relief Grant payment status schedule every month. Beneficiaries will receive their payments once the grant has been approved by Sassa.

How Long Does it Take To Get Paid By Sassa?

The application process for Sassa grants may take up to three months. Once approved, beneficiaries will receive their payments.

How Long Does it Take To Get Paid By Sassa After Approval?

As soon as the grant application has been approved, Sassa will pay the beneficiaries. Beneficiaries can collect their money through a bank, cash send, or a retailer. They can also check the status of their grants at any time using the online portal.

How Can I Check My Sassa Details?

Beneficiaries can check their details anytime using the SASSA online portal service. What does an “active” grant application status mean? An “active” status indicates that SASSA has received your application and is currently reviewing it. The decision regarding fund approval will be communicated once it has been made.

What Does it Mean When SASSA Status Says The Application is Complete?

During the checking Sassa status, if your status indicates “application complete,” it signifies a successful reapplication process, and your eligibility will be verified monthly. To stay updated, check your status on the SASSA SRD website every month.

How Long Does The SRD Reconsideration Pending Status Last?

SASSA will notify you of the outcome within 60 to 90 days after you file an appeal or request a reconsideration of your application.

What Should I Do if My SASSA Status is Approved, But I Did Not Receive An SMS From SASSA?

If your status is approved but you did not receive an SMS from SASSA, ensure that your personal information, such as your phone number, is correct. If necessary, contact your nearest SASSA office or call the SASSA helpline.

What Does SASSA’s “Reapplication Pending” Status Mean?

The “reapplication pending” status indicates that SASSA has not received any applications or reapplications from you. You will need to wait until SASSA receives your application or resubmit it properly.

What Does SASSA’s “Application Status Approval” Mean?

“Application status approval” means that your SASSA application has been approved for the period specified. It is your responsibility to check for the payment date. If there is no payment date, it means that the payment has not yet been processed.

What Does SASSA’s “Application Status Bank Detail Pending” Mean?

If it shows “bank detail pending,” it indicates that SASSA has not received any payment method or information from you.

What Does SASSA’s “Canceled” Status Mean?

If your grant has been canceled, it means that you may have other grants, funds, income resources, or employment according to the means test.

How To Reconfirm Your Existing Sassa Grant Application Through Status Check?

To reconfirm your existing Sassa grant application through a status check, simply visit the Sassa website and click on the tab that says “Reconfirm your grant application“. Enter your information as per the instructions provided and click the yellow bar button to submit.

How Can You Check The Status Of Your Sassa R350 Appeal?

To check the status of your Sassa R350 appeal, call the Sassa toll-free number 0800601011. You will need to provide your ID number and phone number when speaking with Sassa officials.

How Can You Check Your Sassa SRD Balance Status?

Sassa SRD balance status can be checked through your bank account. If you receive your payments through cash send or by the post office, you can contact the post office directly to check your Sassa payment status. You will need to provide your ID and phone number, and there is no charge for this service.

What is Sassa’s, Status Pin?

Sassa’s status pin is a one-time OTP code that beneficiaries receive in order to apply for the Sassa R350 grant. The pin is sent to the phone number provided during the application process.

What Does “Declined” Mean On Sassa’s Status Check?

If your Sassa status shows “declined“, it means that the information you submitted during the application does not match the information in the home affairs department’s database, such as your surname, name, or ID number.

What Does “Approved” Mean On Sassa’s Status Check?

If your Sassa status shows “approved“, it means that your grant application has been approved and you will receive R350 in your bank account.

What Does “Pending” Mean On Sassa’s Status Check?

If your Sassa status shows “pending”, it means that either your allowed date has not been met or there has been a delay in the transaction.

If you have other queries related to Sassa’s online application status, you can call the toll-free number 0800601011.

If Sassa has approved your grant application but has not announced a payment date yet, your payment has not been processed. Sassa will send you an SMS regarding the collection of your grant payment to the phone number you provided during the application process once it is processed. Please note that your phone number must be registered in your name for your grant application to be approved.


I’m sure you’re wondering what this is all about. Sassa already has a customer service site where you can log in, check your account balance, and view your payment details. However, this information is not always up-to-date and it’s often difficult to find out when and how payments are taken out of the account. So I decided to create this blog in order to provide a centralized resource for all things Sassa Status Check

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