SASSA social grants: Here are the payment dates for September 2023

SASSA social grants :The South African Social Security Agency (SASSA) has released the September payment dates for social grants.


SASSA is responsible for distributing grants and allowances to disadvantaged people who require financial assistance in South Africa.

Beneficiaries can receive their SASSA payments from selected supermarkets, such as Pick n Pay, Boxer, USave merchants, Checkers and Shoprite, and obtain this through their SASSA card, CashSend, or by getting the amount directly transferred into their bank account.

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If you are a beneficiary or know of someone who is, you may be wondering when the relevant grant payments will be made.

Older persons and their associated grants will be paid first on Tuesday, 5 September followed by disability grants and child grants on the dates as below:

  • Older Persons/ Pensioners Grant: Tuesday, 5 September
  • Disability Grant: Wednesday, 6 September
  • All other Grants: Thursday, 7 September

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