SASSA prevents local office overflow with strategic service expansion

SASSA office

SASSA is taking proactive measures to extend its services to the Caroline township, strategically avoiding the potential overflow of beneficiaries at the Local Office.

This initiative aims to facilitate broader access to social assistance within the Chief Albert Luthuli Municipality, situated under the Gert Sibande District.

Caroline has a significant population relying on social grants, leading to a notable surge in visitors to the Local Office. The SASSA office catering to Caroline is approximately a 158-kilometer round trip, emphasizing the necessity of this outreach effort.


The Community Outreach program offers residents the opportunity to apply for various social grants, addresses specific COVID-19 grant inquiries, including the R350 grant, and provides assistance regarding payment methods.

The involvement of stakeholders such as the Department of Health, Social Development, Home Affairs, Chief Albert Luthuli Municipality, IEC, and banking institutions ensures a comprehensive range of services during the outreach.


“For more information contact toll free during working days/hours [0800 60 10 11], WhatsApp [082 046 8553]. Social grants payment enquiries Postbank can be contacted at: toll free [0800 53 54 55] WhatsApp [073 806 1631],” read the statement.

This outreach not only enhances accessibility but also fosters collaboration among various entities to meet the diverse needs of the community.

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