SASSA Payment Dates For Old Age Pension

SASSA Payment Dates For Old Age Pension

Old Age is inevitable and is considered a natural phenomenon. Once you are born on earth, you will grow, either die young or die old. But what happens if you have not figured your life out well during your old age? What do you rely on or depend on?

Your dependency or situational circumstances has an adverse effect on your geography. That is why is developed and developing countries, there are structures to support the aged and weak. So should you find yourself in a beautiful country like South Africa, what would you think? How can South Africa support you during your old age period? 

Countries that are more concerned about their citizens created policies to cushion their lives. These are internal support systems to help old age people to earn a small amount of income or benefit to improve their standard of living.

So what comes in at this point? It is the SASSA grant – which is known as the South African Social Security Agency. This is a governmental unit that has been established to look at the standard of living of South Africans. 

And as such, the old age pension was introduced. This has been one of the best supportive programs for people within the old age bracket.

You may not be old reading this blog post, but you may have an old person in your family that needs support – here are a few pieces of information to get about the SASSA payments. In this blog post, we will look at the following; SASSA payment dates for the 2023 old age pension, how much is SASSA old age grant 2023, what happens to SASSA old age pension when someone dies, and who benefits from a pension after death?

SASSA Payment Dates for Old Age Pension

The South African social security agency has a support system for people in their old age. These people are considered pensioners, whether having retired from their personal work or government job.

SASSA provides an amount to the old age pension, and therefore it is important to know more about the SASSA payment dates for 2023. Are you receiving SASSA grant for old age? Do you have anyone receiving SASSA grant for old age? Find out more on the payment dates for 2023. 

To ensure beneficiaries receive their grants on time, the SASSA payment dates for the 2023 old age pension have been announced. Usually, the payment dates are scheduled for the first day of each month, but they may be adjusted to account for weekends and public holidays.

Months – 2023SASSA Payment Dates For Old Age
January3rd January 
February2nd February
March2nd March
April4th April
May 3rd May
June2nd June
July 4th July
August3rd August
September5th September
October3rd October
November2nd November
December1st December

How much is Sassa old age grant 2023?

The SASSA old age grant is purposely for individuals within a certain age bracket. SASSA considers a lot of information to actually confirm the date of birth of these SASSA old-age applicants. 

The Ages above 60 years are normally considered as the SASSA old age, and these individuals are eligible for this SASSA old age grant. Individuals can help their old-age family members to apply for the SASSA old age grant. 

As of 2023, the SASSA old age grant for applicants between 60 and 75 years is capped at R2080. While applicants who are confirmed above 75 years earn R2100. This amount is per person and paid monthly. 

What happens to SASSA old age pension when someone dies?

Supposing you are within your old age and receiving SASSA grant, you are allowed to put in next of kin or anyone deemed fit to look into your application after your death.

So what actually happens to SASSA old age pension grant when the person receiving it dies?

SASSA has designed its policies so that these benefits do not just vanish after the death of the pensioner. 

The total amount used in taking of the deceased up until his demise will be taken care of by SASSA. The money is kept until a relative of the deceased applies for that grant. If the deceased did not spend all the accumulated amount within the payments period, SASSA will provide the needed support to the family member who applies for it. 

Who benefits from a pension after death?

When an old age pension beneficiary of SASSA passes away, some of their family members or dependents may qualify for financial assistance. The amount that specific beneficiaries may receive and who they are depends on various factors. These factors include their financial situation and their relationship with the person who has passed away.

Usually, a spouse or partner of the deceased is highly recognized to prepare to receive benefits on behalf of the dead.

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