Sassa Grant: Important Changes in November Payments and R350 Grant Dates

Sassa Grant: Important Changes
Sassa Grant: Important Changes


  • Briefly introduce the topic and mention that Sassa has released revised payment dates for social grants in November.

Sassa Grant: Important Changes in November Payments and R350 Grant Dates

Section 1: Payment Dates for Social Grants in November:

  • Subtitle: Sassa Grant Payment Dates for November
  • Older Persons Grant – 2 November
  • Disability Grant – 3 November
  • Children’s Grant and all other grants – 6 November

Section 2: R350 Grant Payment Schedule for November:

  • Subtitle: R350 Grant Payment Schedule for November
  • Explanation of the R350 Social Relief of Distress grant and its history
  • Mention the introduction of a structured payment date system for R350 grant recipients
  • Specify the payment window for November (24th to 30th of November)
  • Recommendation to check Sassa status on the SRD website

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Section 3: How to Check SRD Grant Application Status:

  • Subtitle: Checking SRD Grant Application Status
  • Instructions for checking SRD payment, balance status, or pending application status online
  • Phone option for checking status with dialing instructions

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Section 4: Eligibility for the SRD Grant:

  • Subtitle: Eligibility for the SRD Grant
  • Explanation of who is eligible for the SRD grant according to the Department

Section 5: Collection Options for SRD Grant:

  • Subtitle: Collection Options for SRD Grant
  • Explanation of different methods for receiving the R350 grant, including:
  1. Bank account
  2. Cash Send
  3. Retail Stores


  • Summarize the key points and provide any additional important information.

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