SASSA Grant: Appoint a Procurator To Apply Or Receive Grant On your Behalf 2023

If you or a your loved one is unable to collect or acquire their SASSA Grant due to motives like sickness, old age, or mobility troubles, you can appoint someone on your behalf. This person is called your procurator and can be a trusted individual such as a family member or close friend. The procurator must follow certain steps in order for the grant to be applied for and received on your behalf.

Occasionally, applicants for the Older Persons Grant, Disability Grant, or Grant-In-Aid may require the assistance of a procurator. If an applicant is mentally capable but physically unable to attend an SASSA office. They can request an SASSA home visit but may still use a procurator to collect the grant.

A beneficiary (principal) may appoint someone as a procurator (agent) if and only if the following conditions are met: SASSA Grant

  • The agent (procurator) is in possession of a valid Identity Document.
  • The agent is at least 18 years old.
  • The agent must be a permanent resident of South Africa (with a fixed address).
  • The agent is not a non-rehabilitated insolvent (that is, their assets and/or state have been liquidated).
  • The agent agrees to serving as the procurator.
  • The agent must not owe any money to the principal (beneficiary).

Once appointed by the beneficiary (principal), the procurator must submit identification documents along with an affidavit stating that they will distribute any social assistance received. Any changes in circumstances must also be reported by the procurator.

If only requiring assistance from a procurator for a short period of time (such as hospitalization), they may serve for up to three months.

In case of termination with their agent (procurator), beneficiaries must inform SASSA either in writing or through sworn statement if unable to read/write. The terminated agent must notify SASSA in writing and return any remaining funds within ten days of termination.

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