SASSA Gold Card Is Still Active: Says SASSA 2023

In the previous year, there was a slew of SASSA-related fraud that revealed false information while claiming to be from the SASSA agency. Rumors circulated not long ago that SASSA gold card would become invalid after its expiry date. It caused panic and confusion among the citizens. However, SASSA assured recipients that they would continue to receive benefits, proving the report to be false.

The SASSA Gold Card

It enables recipients to make free ATM transactions. Beneficiaries can use the card to make purchases at stores that accept the card and withdraw money from ATMs, among other things. This card also guarantees that recipients will not be charged for the first three transactions and protects them from any illegal deductions.

SASSA released a statement:

To reassure the public about the fake news circulating on social media, Provincial SASSA representative Senzeni Ngubeni stated that the Gold card, despite having an expiration date, is still valid. He claims that recipients should not be alarmed and that they have “succumbed to the hijacking by scammers.” They should also not believe the false information that their card will expire in April 2023.

This false information spread on social media after Gold card holders encountered difficulties in collecting their child support grant from the Post Bank. Furthermore, this issue impacted SRD (Social Relief of Distress) recipients. The impediment was reportedly caused by an external threat to the Post Bank.

As a result, SASSA was forced to halt gold card transactions in December for an extended period of time. As a result, rumors began to circulate on social media, spreading a wave of doubt among the beneficiaries.

Citizens were assured by the SASSA agency that the “card is authentic.” This means that the beneficiaries can still use their gold cards to make ATM transactions, as well as in the Post Bank and any other shop that accepts this card. Furthermore, applicants are advised to provide SASSA with their private bank account as an alternative for “safe and easy payment.”

Beneficiaries will be notified if there are any updates to their grant on time, according to SASSA representative Paseka Lestsasi. As a result, they should not fall victim to these con artists. People were also warned to be wary of anyone impersonating an SASSA official and preying on the elderly and disabled. As a result, if you notice any suspicious activity, you should immediately notify the police.

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