SASSA Fraud Hotline: 2023

SASSA Fraud Hotline
SASSA Fraud Hotline

SASSA has recently introduced a new SASSA Fraud Hotline to assist beneficiaries in reporting instances of fraud directly to the agency. The hotline is manned by trained professionals who are well-equipped to handle and resolve such cases.

This addition to SASSA’s anti-fraud efforts is much appreciated, given the prevalence of fraudulent schemes targeted at the agency in recent years. These schemes have resulted in the loss of millions of rands for beneficiaries. The new fraud hotline aims to streamline the reporting process, enabling beneficiaries to report fraud more easily and allowing SASSA to conduct investigations and prosecute cases more efficiently.

SASSA Fraud Hotline: How to Report fraud to SASSA

To report fraud via the SASSA fraud hotline, beneficiaries can reach out by dialing 0800 60 10 11 between 08:00 and 16:00 from Monday to Friday.

When reporting an incident of fraud, beneficiaries will be required to provide certain details including their name, contact information, date and time of occurrence, specific details about the incident (such as individuals involved), and any other relevant information they deem necessary. Additionally, the SASSA fraud hotline will offer valuable guidance on safeguarding against fraud. This includes tips on protecting SASSA cards, identifying fraudulent emails or SMS messages, and reporting suspicious activities directly to SASSA. The launch of this new fraud hotline marks a significant milestone in SASSA’s ongoing fight against fraudulent activities. By facilitating easier reporting for beneficiaries while enhancing investigative measures, it ensures better protection for them and guarantees receipt of entitled benefits.

Tips to Protect Yourself from SASSA Fraud

In addition to reporting fraud to the SASSA fraud hotline, there are a number of steps that beneficiaries can take to protect themselves from fraud:

Never give your SASSA card or PIN number to anyone.

Be careful of emails or SMS messages that ask for your SASSA information.

These messages are often fraudulent.

Only collect your grant money from a legitimate SASSA pay point.

Report any suspicious activity to SASSA immediately. By following these tips, you can help to protect yourself from SASSA fraud.

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