SASSA Disability Grant payment date August 2023

SASSA Disability Grant

SASSA Disability grants

SASSA offers a variety of social grant programs. A SASSA disability grant is a payment made by the South African Social Security Agency (SASSA) to people who are disabled, either temporarily or permanently.

Other types of social grants include:

Grant for older people, War veteran’s grant, Foster child grant, Care dependency grant, Child support grant, and Grant-in-aid.

Grant for Social Relief of Distress:

In the event of another disaster, such as a pandemic or disease like Covid-19, the South African government will provide social assistance through SASSA or other means; these assistance can take the form of money, food, or other goods. Sassa may also provide Disaster Relief or Distress Grants, as we saw during the Covid19 pandemic.

Where can SASSA grant funds be withdrawn?

SASSA stated that clients can withdraw their money from ATMs and retailer supermarkets such as Boxer, Shoprite, Pick n Pay, and Usave. They also stated that clients are not required to withdraw all of their money at once. Your SASSA card functions as a debit card.

The SASSA Disability Grant Payment date August 2023

Disability Allowance: August 3, 2023

Additional SASSA social grants August 2022 payments

Grant for the Elderly: 02 August 2023
Child grant and other grants expire on August 4, 2023.

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