Renew Your Car License at Shoprite and Checkers: A Hassle-Free Guide

Renew Your Car License
Renew Your Car License

Did you know that you can now renew your car license disc at Shoprite and Checkers? As a response to the millions of South African vehicle licenses that expired in September and October 2023, these supermarket giants are offering a convenient way for motorists to renew their licenses. In this blog, we’ll guide you through the process and provide essential information on costs and upcoming changes to driving license cards.

Renew Your Car License:

You have the option to renew your car license either online or in person at the Money Market counter in any of the 1,350 Shoprite, Checkers, and Usave stores nationwide. This special offer is available from November 1, 2023, to January 31, 2024, so make sure to take advantage of this opportunity.

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The process is straightforward, and all you need are the following documents:

  1. A current car license disc
  2. A barcoded ID book or Smartcard ID
  3. Proof of residence

Follow these easy steps:

Step 1: Capture your information online.
Step 2: Pay online via Computicket or in-store.
Step 3: Expect courier delivery within 5-10 business days.

Cost of Renewal:
The renewal fees are fixed and include:

  • Admin fee: R110.25
  • Delivery fee: R74.75
  • Total fee: R185

This cost reduction aims to provide relief to consumers during challenging economic times.

Upcoming Changes to Driving License Cards:
In addition to the convenience of renewing your car license at Shoprite and Checkers, South Africa is set to introduce new driving license cards in 2023. Here are five important things you should know about these changes:

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  1. The printing machine for current driving license cards will be decommissioned in 2023.
  2. Current cards will remain valid until March 31, 2029.
  3. The new cards will be equipped with advanced security features, including biometric data, holograms, and watermarks to reduce fraudulent licenses and enhance road safety.
  4. The new card will have an extended validity of eight years, compared to the current five.
  5. A trial period for the new cards will run until March 2024, making South Africa’s driving licenses compatible with the International Information Technology Personal Identification Compliant Driving License (ISO18013).

Renewing your car license has never been easier, thanks to Shoprite and Checkers. Whether you choose to do it online or in person, this initiative offers convenience and cost savings. Additionally, be prepared for the upcoming changes in driving license cards, which aim to enhance security and efficiency in the licensing process. Make the most of these developments to ensure your vehicle remains roadworthy and your documents are up-to-date.

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