Register your Cv for ELearning Leanership Programme

ELearning Leanership Programme

What are eLearning Programmes?

eLearning, also known as electronic learning or online learing, is the delivery of learning and training through digital resources.

Here are some steps to complete your application

Complete the information accurately. Especially your email address.You will receive an email to confirm your email address. Check your spam folder if you do not receive it within seconds. Click on the confirmation button.
You will receive another email, click on the button to be taken directly to the Assessments page. You don’t need to type in the username and password to access the assessments.Complete the required Assessments. You need to score 80% on all the required assessments to continue to the next stage.
When successful, upload the requested documentation. You have seven days to finish the uploads.Your documents will be evaluated by a human and if approved you be requested to book an appointment online.
Attend the appointment and answer the questions truthfully.If successful, you will be shortlisted. We choose candidates from the shortlist.
Personal information is required for the application.

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