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SAGDA ,Are you a new graduate looking to bridge the gap between formal education and the professional world? The South African Graduates Development Association (SAGDA) offers numerous opportunities through internships and Work Integrated Learning (WIL) programs to help you achieve this transition effectively.

Why Register with SAGDA?

Graduate placements, primarily in the form of internships and WIL, form a substantial part of SAGDA’s activities. These programs are designed to provide graduates with practical experience, networking opportunities, and a smoother entry into the job market. By registering with SAGDA, you gain access to valuable resources and support that can help you carve out a successful career path.

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The South African Graduates Development Association (SAGDA) is a non-profit organization committed to preparing new graduates for the world of work. Our mission is to empower graduates to actively participate in the mainstream economy both locally and globally.

Since our inception, SAGDA has influenced public policy and provided sought-after advice to key institutions such as the Presidency, the National Youth Development Agency, the Department of Public Service and Administration, and the Department of Trade and Industry. In November 2010, SAGDA launched a new organizational strategy to enhance graduate empowerment through strategic partnerships, extending our reach to rural and remote areas, and conducting essential research.

Additional Opportunities:

Our Vision and Mission

Vision: To be champions of innovative opportunities that produce quality and industrious graduates for a prosperous society.

Mission: To create innovative economic solutions for graduate employment, self-sustainability, and social transformation through technology.

Core Values

  • Professionalism
  • Efficiency
  • Innovation
  • Integrity
  • Partnership
  • Accountability

What We Do

SAGDA is dedicated to motivating, supporting, and preparing students for the world of work. We engage universities, FET colleges, Sector Education & Training Authorities (SETA), municipalities, and companies to empower graduates. Our initiatives include:

  • Mobilizing resources and stakeholders to expedite graduate employment.
  • Conducting research and providing vital statistics on graduate empowerment.
  • Building a reliable graduate database and creating tailored empowerment solutions.

Our Inspirational Story

The proverb “It takes a village to raise a child” resonates deeply with our philosophy. We believe in the collective effort required to support and nurture each graduate. This shared vision and sense of collective responsibility are crucial for achieving large civil goals. The spirit of Ubuntu, encapsulated in the Zulu saying “UMUNTU NGUMUNTU NGABANTU” (meaning “I am a person through other people, my humanity is tied to yours”), underscores our approach to graduate development.

How to Register

To register with SAGDA and apply for internship programs, visit our Graduate Registration page. These internships and WIL opportunities are pivotal in bridging the educational and professional worlds, providing practical experience, and fostering essential professional networks.


Joining SAGDA not only enhances your employability but also connects you with a community dedicated to your success. Register today and take the first step towards a bright and prosperous future. For more information, visit the SAGDA website and follow us on our social media channels.

Register with SAGDA for Graduate Placement HERE

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