Register at a tertiary institution 2024

Register at a tertiary institution 2024

About registering at a tertiary institution
You can foster your studies at a university, university of technology or specialized and vocational education and training( TVET) sodalities of your choice, if you qualify.

Universities offer academic and professional programmes, while universities of technology and TVET sodalities offer vocation- acquainted programmes.

You should confirm the minimum admission demand with the institution of your choice.

You must first apply for a study permit at the South African high commission, delegacy, If you’re an transnational, Your foreign qualifications must first be estimated by the South African Qualifications Authority( Saqa) before you register. Evaluations may take up to 16 days.

What you should do?

  • Grounded on your entry scores and the conditions of the institution choose a course for which you qualify.
  • Check if it’s registered with the Department of Education, If you enrol at a private institution.
  • Apply for admission directly to the institution of your choice.
  • Complete the institution’s prescribed operation form.
  • Submit the operation form and all the needed attestation to the institution.
    Apply for the following
    If you’re an transnational
    a study permit the evaluation of your earlier qualifications by Saqa.

How long does it take
Different institutions have different time frames.

How important does it bring
Study freights vary from institution to institution.

Forms to complete
Registration forms are available at universities and TVET.


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