R4,350 City of Ekurhuleni General Worker 2024

R4,350 City of Ekurhuleni General Worker 2024

R4,350 City of Ekurhuleni General Worker 2024 

The City of Ekurhuleni is extending a remarkable opportunity for residents to engage in the construction and upkeep of municipal buildings. This initiative not only promotes community development but also provides residents with valuable work experience. This blog post explores the minimum requirements, core responsibilities, and benefits of these opportunities, tailored for eligible individuals eager to pursue a meaningful career.

  • Closing Date : 2024-07-05
  • Department : Economic Development Department
  • General Worker – XECOD007

Minimum Requirements

To be considered for this opportunity, candidates must meet the following criteria:

  1. Educational Qualification: A minimum of Grade 10 is necessary.
  2. Citizenship: Only South African citizens can apply.
  3. Residency: Applicants must reside within the City of Ekurhuleni.

These requirements ensure that local residents, who can benefit the most, are prioritized, thus fostering community growth and development. R4,350 City of Ekhurhuleni General Worker 2024

Core Responsibilities

Successful candidates will undertake various responsibilities crucial for the construction and maintenance of municipal buildings, including:

  1. Loading and Offloading: Managing materials, plants, and equipment during loading and offloading operations.
  2. Safety Compliance: Strict adherence to safety protocols to minimize injuries and prevent equipment and material damage. This includes following safety instructions related to:
  • Equipment usage during loading and offloading
  • Safe traveling practices on vehicles
  • Workshop safety protocols
  • Proper lifting techniques to avoid physical strain (e.g., lifting with a straight back)
  1. Labour-Intensive Work: Performing various labor-intensive tasks within the workshop, yard, or on-site. These activities relate to the construction and maintenance of municipal buildings, ensuring project success.
  2. Equipment Maintenance: Ensuring all equipment is in safe working condition, maintaining efficiency and safety standards.
  3. Adherence to Procedures: Following established safety procedures and techniques to perform tasks safely and effectively.
Benefits of Joining the Ekurhuleni Municipal Construction Team

Joining this initiative offers numerous advantages:

  1. Skill Development: Acquire hands-on experience in construction and maintenance, learning valuable skills transferable to other job opportunities.
  2. Community Contribution: Contribute significantly to the development and upkeep of municipal infrastructure, directly impacting the quality of life in your community.
  3. Employment Opportunity: This role can be a stepping stone to more advanced positions within the municipal framework or the broader construction industry.
  4. Safety Training: Receive comprehensive safety training, ensuring preparedness to handle various tasks safely and effectively.
  5. Networking: Collaborate with experienced professionals, providing an excellent opportunity to build a network within the industry.

The City of Ekurhuleni’s initiative to involve local residents in the construction and maintenance of municipal buildings is a commendable effort to promote community development and provide valuable employment opportunities. If you meet the minimum requirements and are eager to contribute to your community while gaining essential skills, this opportunity is perfect for you. Seize the chance to build a brighter future for yourself and your community by joining this impactful initiative.

For more information and to apply, please visit the City of Ekurhuleni’s official website or contact their human resources department. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to make a significant difference in your community while advancing your career prospects. R4,350 City of Ekurhuleni General Worker 2024

How to Apply?

Click Here to Apply

About City of Ekurhuleni

Ekurhuleni lies on the highveld plateau at about 1600 metres in altitude above sea level (asl). The highest elevation is at the Gillooly’s Ridge – Bill Stewart Side – Fisher’s Hill at 1772 metres asl. The lowest point is at 1552 metres asl. The city is rich in wetlands, pans, streams and rivers.

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