R350 Sassa Grant Application Not Selected – What does that mean?

R350 Sassa Grant Application Not Selected
R350 Sassa Grant Application Not Selected

R350 Sassa Grant Application-Applicants who apply for the 350 SASSA Grant (SRD R350) frequently complain that when they check their SRD R350 grant application status, they see “not selected” in the post office field and wonder, “What does that mean?”

The message “Post Office Not Selected for SRD R350” indicates that the procedure has not yet been completed. Or it will be completed soon. This is due to a failure in the bank account verification process.

As a result, applicants must provide accurate details and personal information. To avoid scams and fraud, their payment would only be sent to their registered bank, not any other bank.

Solution-R350 Sassa Grant Application

To address this issue, SASSA allows grant applicants to choose any Post Office location to receive payment. This can be accomplished by visiting the most recent official website of SRD R350 grants.

If you do not decide or select a specific location, you will be given the status or notification application not selected, In that case, you can pick up 350 sassa grant at the SAPO branch of your choice.

How Do I Select an SASSA Post Office?

To begin, go to SASSA’s website and enter your ID and phone number. To send the pin, press the button. Then, a pin will be sent to your phone number, and you must enter it to see the available branches. Then press the submit button and wait for the instructions.

Follow all of the helpful guidelines at the end of this process. And then submit once more. This is the default post office where you will pick up your grant.

Age Range Availability

SRD (The Social Relief of Distress Grant) is dependable for all African citizens, including refugees, asylum seekers, and Special People aged 18 to 60 with low income and resources who are unable to receive funds from other grants.

Obtaining grant through advance Collaboration

SASSA develops an advanced platform using mobile phones and computers in which every citizen participates actively in governance. GovChat is the name of that platform. With the help of an application, GovChat and SASSA made it easier for citizens to access the SRD 350.

Due to a low income and unemployment, I faced significant challenges during the pandemic. In such cases, a fund like SRD R350 is required to overcome all financial difficulties. Such funds eventually result in the restoration of any loss.


Sassa SRD Children Grants are now available 2023


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