Petition to Introduce SASSA Basic Income Grant Gains Momentum for 2024

SASSA Appeal Process for SRD R350 Grant
SASSA Appeal Process for SRD R350 Grant

Government Debates Feasibility Amidst Financial Concerns

Petition to Introduce SASSA : In a bid to alleviate poverty and stimulate economic growth, experts are rallying support for the introduction of the South African Social Security Agency (SASSA) Basic Income Grant (BIG) in 2024. The initiative has sparked a fierce debate between the National Treasury, expressing financial concerns, and civil society, advocating for support to millions relying on grants.

Financial Debate: Is a SASSA Basic Income Grant Feasible?

While the National Treasury argues that the grant is financially untenable due to existing grants and reduced tax revenue, civil society highlights the 27.3 million South Africans dependent on social grants, with only 7.1 million taxpayers shouldering the burden.

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Sign the Petition: A Call to Make SASSA Basic Income Grant a Reality

Amidst the debate, a petition supporting the SASSA Basic Income Grant for 2024 has emerged. As the country approaches the election year, signing the petition is seen as a way to influence political decisions.

Funding Solutions: Increased Taxes and Wealth Distribution

The Institute for Economic Justice (IEJ) proposes funding the SASSA Basic Income Grant through increased taxes on wealthy South Africans. IEJ suggests that a 1% wealth tax on top earners could generate R70 billion, enough to fund the grant and boost GDP growth by 2.2%.

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Petition to Introduce SASSA : Eligibility and Funding Models

IEJ envisions the SASSA Basic Income Grant being available to eligible South Africans aged 18 to 59, valued at the upper-bound poverty line of R1,417 per month. Funding models include a wealth tax, a Social Security Tax, or a combination of both. However, concerns arise about potential strain on the country’s tax base.

Public Opinion: Balancing Necessity and Fiscal Responsibility

As discussions unfold, the public is invited to share opinions on whether the SASSA Basic Income Grant is a necessary intervention to alleviate poverty or if it poses a risk to the already stressed tax base.

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