McDonald’s Learnership Programme 2024

Learnership programme

McDonald’s Learnership Programme – Fast food restaurant McDonald’s invites interested applicants to apply for a 12-month Fast Food Services learnership opportunity.

During the learnership programme, successful applicants will be part of the crew members, where they will learn how to provide exceptional customer service. They will be earning a monthly stipend for the duration of the programme.

Upon the successful completion of the programme, they will obtain a Fast Food Service NQF Level 3 qualification.


Job description

This is a summary of what the job involves to help you decide if you are a good fit.

We are looking for a Crew Member to join our team! As a Crew Member, you’ll be the face of our restaurant, ensuring a friendly atmosphere for customers. Your responsibilities include taking orders with a smile, preparing food to high standards, keeping things clean, and working as a team to meet sales targets. Flexibility with hours, a positive attitude, and a willingness to learn are key. Join us in delivering an excellent customer experience at the heart of the McDonald’s brand.

This role forms part of a Learnership programme, if you are successful over the 12-month period you will receive a National Certificate in Fast Food Services (NQF Level 3).

Please note, you will be required to bring certified copies of your IDMatric certificate and/or your Highest Qualification should you successfully be sent for an interview.

What you’ll do

This is a list of tasks that you will be responsible for doing on your days at work.

  • Show up for your shifts on time and stay until your shift is done
  • Greet customers with a smile and make them feel welcome
  • Take food orders quickly and accurately
  • Manage multiple orders while ensuring accurate preparation
  • Follow the rules to cook up the McDonald’s menu items just right
  • Cook orders quickly and accurately, using kitchen equipment
  • Make sure each order is correct and well-packaged
  • Clean up the restaurant and equipment so everything looks inviting
  • Follow all McDonald’s safety and security procedures for a secure work environment
  • Work well with your crew and managers to hit those sales goals
  • Keep an eye on the stock to make sure we’ve got enough of everything
  • Be able to work different hours, including weekends and evenings
  • Be open to learning new things and get trained up to keep the place clean and hygienic
  • Talk nicely with your team, managers, and customers
  • Make sure customers leave happy and keep McDonald’s reputation shining
  • Be cool, polite, and positive with customers and co-workers
  • Read, write, and follow instructions
  • Receive and store new stock carefully


This is a list of things you will need in order to be considered for this role

  • Matric
  • Within 15km from job
  • Clear criminal record

Application Process

This is a list of things you will need to do when completing your application to this job.

Assessments required for application

  • Potential Work Performance Assessment Battery

Questions required for application

  • Are you currently busy with another learnership or training program?
  • Do you think it is important to follow safety rules? Please explain.
  • Are you able to multitask?
  • Have you worked for a McDonald’s before?
  • When did you last attend school?
  • What is your marital status?
  • What is your highest qualification and what did you study? Grade 9, Matric, Diploma, Degree
  • What is the name of the last school you attended?
  • What is your complete residential address? (E.g. 23 Church Street, Zondi, Soweto, 1868)
  • If you are shortlisted you will be required to upload a copy of your ID and your Highest qualification, ensure that the copies/images that you upload are clearly legible and aligned. Will you be able to do so?
  • What does customer service mean to you?
  • What is your home language?
  • Are you willing to work shifts?
  • Are you able to work under pressure, how do you handle pressure?
  • Please bring a certified copy of your ID and a certified copy of your Highest Qualification to the interview. If you have originals you are encouraged to bring these as well. Will you be bringing these documents?
  • Please bring a certified copy of your ID and a certified copy of your highest qualification (e.g. Matric certificate) to the interview. If you are able to bring originals as well this is preferred. Will you be able to bring the aforementioned documents to the interview.

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