Maintaining Tyres: The Vital Role of a General Worker at Bridgestone EMEA

Maintaining Tyres

Maintaining Tyres :In the heart of Burgersfort, South Africa, a dedicated team of general workers ensures that every vehicle that leaves the yard does so with optimal tyre conditions. Bridgestone EMEA, a leader in the tyre industry, is seeking individuals to join this crucial task force, where attention to detail and commitment to safety are paramount.

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Job Overview :Maintaining Tyres

The role of a General Worker at Bridgestone involves meticulous tyre maintenance and stock management. From ensuring correct tyre pressures to maintaining detailed records, this position requires agility, courage, and a strong sense of ownership.

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Tyre Maintenance Excellence

The main focus of the job is tyre maintenance. Workers conduct routine surveys, capturing vital data on pressure and tread depth. They fit valve caps and extensions, adhering to service level agreements (SLAs) and industry standards. Smooth tyres are replaced promptly, and any irregularities are reported through detailed tyre action reports.

Stock Management

In addition to tyre maintenance, stock management is a critical aspect of the role. Daily stock takes are meticulously recorded in a Bridgestone Commercial Stock Book, ensuring that inventory is managed efficiently and accurately.

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Health & Safety Commitment

At Bridgestone, safety is non-negotiable. Workers are trained to lift vehicles correctly, use appropriate tools, and wear personal protective equipment (PPE) at all times. Maintaining a clean work environment and following health and safety procedures are integral parts of the job.

Administrative Duties

Recording tyre survey information, capturing movements in detailed books, and maintaining branding registers are all part of the administrative responsibilities of this role. Attention to paperwork ensures that every detail is accounted for and accessible.

Customer Liaison and Satisfaction

General Workers at Bridgestone play a key role in customer liaison. They identify maintenance issues, maintain positive relationships, and ensure customer satisfaction by addressing concerns promptly and professionally.

Qualifications and Requirements

To excel in this role, candidates must have a National Senior Certificate and proficiency in English. Two years of tyre-related experience is preferred, demonstrating a commitment to excellence in tyre maintenance and service.

Bridgestone’s Commitment to Diversity

Bridgestone EMEA values diversity and inclusion, echoing its founder’s mission of ‘Serving Society with Superior Quality’. The organization is committed to equal treatment, ensuring that all applicants and employees are respected regardless of gender, race, disability, or age.

Join the Team

If you are passionate about tyre maintenance, dedicated to ensuring customer satisfaction, and thrive in a dynamic work environment, Bridgestone EMEA welcomes your application. Embrace the opportunity to contribute to a sustainable and inclusive workplace where excellence and diversity go hand in hand.

To apply, visit Bridgestone’s Careers Page and be part of a team that values excellence and diversity in equal measure. Your skills and dedication can make a difference in serving society with superior quality.

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