Kaizer Chiefs Legend Willard Katsande Calls for Patience Amidst Coaching Transition

Kaizer Chiefs Legend
Kaizer Chiefs Legend

Former Star Urges Support and Time for New Coaching Appointment

Kaizer Chiefs Legend : In the wake of Kaizer Chiefs parting ways with coach Molefi Ntseki and the subsequent interim appointment of Cavin Johnson, former Amakhosi star Willard Katsande is emphasizing the need for patience and unwavering support for the coaching staff during this transitional phase.

Cavin Johnson’s Role and Upcoming Decision

Cavin Johnson is expected to resume his position as the ‘Head of Academy’ once the club finalizes its decision on a permanent head coach. While the focus often centers on who the new coach will be, Katsande’s concern lies more in whether the chosen coach will be granted sufficient time to navigate the challenges and lead the team to success.

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Kaizer Chiefs Legend Urgent Call for Support

Katsande implores the management and fans to stand behind the new coach, emphasizing the importance of offering unwavering support, especially during difficult times. He stresses the need to avoid premature judgments and implores everyone to allow the coach time to implement their strategies and build a foundation for future success.

“Whoever is going to be chosen by the management as a new coach, give him the support whether we lose three or four nil just give him that period. He’s cooking. Now there is a new coach. Don’t judge him after five games. Let’s see how he wraps up the whole season then we can judge if we are still continuing with him. Then we are building on something. So we don’t need to put him under pressure. I want everybody to support whoever has been chosen by the management.” – Willard Katsande

Focus on Building and Patience

Katsande’s plea is rooted in the belief that sustainable success requires time and dedication. He advocates for a holistic assessment at the end of the season rather than hasty judgments after a few matches. By fostering a supportive environment, Katsande envisions building a foundation for future achievements.

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Ensuring Players Get Opportunities

Moreover, Katsande addresses the quality within the team, expressing the belief that players possess the necessary skills. However, he emphasizes the importance of creating an environment where players are given ample opportunities to showcase their abilities, fostering a positive atmosphere.


As Kaizer Chiefs navigates this crucial coaching transition, the sentiments shared by Willard Katsande underscore the significance of patience, support, and a long-term perspective. The club’s future success may hinge on the collective commitment to providing the coaching staff the time and backing needed to steer the team in the right direction.

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