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Youth ZA is excited to present the Top 40 SETA Learnerships 2024, offering a comprehensive list of accredited companies providing valuable skills development programmes, short courses, and online learning opportunities in South Africa.

Position Overview : Top 40 SETA Learnerships

With opportunities available for individuals with Grade 10 or Matric qualifications, we invite you to explore our diverse range of learnership programmes tailored to match your experience, qualifications, and interests.

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Accredited Training Providers

Explore our list of accredited training providers offering a wide array of learnership opportunities:

1. iLearn

Location: Johannesburg, Cape Town, Durban, Port Elizabeth

2. Speccon (Elearning)

Industry leader in online learning with onsite learnerships for disabled and abled individuals.

3. Training Force

Offers learnerships in Wholesale and Retail, Business, IT, Logistics, Manufacturing, and more across South Africa.

4. Bconsult

Skills development initiative accredited by various SETAs offering nationwide training programmes.

5. Signa Academy

Youth empowerment organization accredited by various SETAs with a focus on connecting unemployed individuals with employers.

6. SA Business School

Provides business-related learnerships including Generic Management via online and classroom training.

7. Edge Training

Offers diverse learnership programmes in Hospitality, Business, IT, and more across multiple locations.

8. DVT

Provides tech and business-related learnerships with unique delivery methods and international certifications.

9. Umuzi

Connects youth with organizations seeking highly skilled tech individuals in Graphic Design, UX, Web Development, and more.

10. Wethinkcode

Tech training academy focusing on IT skills with locations in Johannesburg, Durban, and Cape Town.

11. SDP (Skills Development Professionals)

Offers online learning learnerships in various fields with a stipend for unemployed individuals.

12. SDC Group

Accredited training provider offering learnerships in Business, IT, Wholesale and Retail, and more.

13. Quest College

Virtual campus offering learnerships and courses with a focus on online learning and monthly stipends.

14. Edupower

Mentors learners through learnership programmes, focusing on helping people with disabilities.

15. Drake Academy

Offers learnerships in Generic Management, Project Management, and Venture Creation across multiple campuses.

16. MindWorx

Provides learnership programmes for corporates, graduates, and disadvantaged individuals with a focus on various fields including Data Science and Cloud Computing.

17. RelatED

Prepares individuals for retail employment through training programmes with industry leaders.

18. Advanced Assessments

Offers learners computer training and skills programmes in Contact Centre, Banking, Business, and IT.

19. TCM Academy

Tech company offering skills training in ICT with internship and learnership opportunities.

20. Felix Risk Consultants

Provides learnership programmes and distance learning solutions accredited by various SETAs.

21. M2 engineering Academy

Focuses on providing youth with skills in engineering fields across Mpumalanga.

22. Skills Juntion

Accredited skills development company offering learnerships for disabled and abled individuals.

23. Devine Creators

Provides online learning programmes for youth with a focus on skills development.

24. SkillUp

Offers online learnerships accredited by various SETAs, hosting programmes for youth in South Africa.


Connects youth with suitable job opportunities through skills training programmes.

26. Gauteng City College

Private institution offering vocational training and learnerships accredited by all 21 SETAs.

27. Learnex

Accredited training provider offering learnerships in ICT, Business, Project Management, and Office Administration.


College offering practical skills training in Retail, Manufacturing, and Business accredited by multiple SETAs.

29. Girl Code

Empowers women in tech through online bootcamps, courses, and learnerships in Midrand/Gauteng.

30. TLO (The Learning Organization)

Dedicated to offering various learning programs accredited by eight different SETAs.

31. CSG

Focuses on online training programmes, short courses, and learnerships accredited by SETA.

32. GPR Training Academy

Offers learnerships and e-learning platforms focusing on NQF Levels 1-5.

33. The Beauty Hub Academy

Provides learnerships in nails, hairdressing, and other beauty-related fields with training and mentorship.

34. Beauty Colab

Offers courses in nails and other beauty-related learnership programmes accredited by various SETAs.

35. Lulaway

Connects individuals with funded internships and employers through accredited learnerships.

36. Tusanang

Program helping young people develop skills accredited by various bodies.

37. Siseleko Business and Technology

Offers learnership programmes in Johannesburg in various fields.

38. Dynamic DNA

Provides learnerships in ICT field accredited by MICTA.

39. BPO Academy

Connects young people with internships and learnerships in Western Cape, Kwazulu Natal, and Cape Town.

40. Trainers without borders

Provides learnership programmes enabling learners to acquire National Certificates.

Apply: Trainers Without Borders Application       

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