Jacob Zuma’s Seven Reasons for Not Voting ANC: A Critical Assessment 2024

Former President Accuses ANC of Betrayal and Aligns with Mkhonto WeSizwe Party

Former President Jacob Zuma’s Seven Reasons, expressing profound disillusionment with the African National Congress (ANC), has laid out seven compelling reasons why he will not cast his vote for the ANC in the upcoming 2024 elections. Despite his decision to support the Mkhonto WeSizwe Party, Zuma emphasized that he remains a member of the ANC.

Jacob Zuma’s Seven Reasons : ANC as a ‘Proxy to White Monopoly Capital’

In his Address to the Nation in Soweto, Zuma asserted that his distrust of the ANC stems from its current leadership, led by Cyril Ramaphosa, being perceived as a ‘proxy to White Monopoly Capital.’ This assertion underscores Zuma’s alignment with the Mkhonto WeSizwe Party for the 2024 elections.

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ANC’s Opportunistic Silence

Zuma criticized the ANC for its silence when President Ramaphosa’s powers were allegedly clipped in appointing a chairperson for the Commission into State Capture. He deemed this silence as an opportunistic amendment of the Constitution of South Africa.

Controversies Surrounding CR17 Election Campaign

The former president raised concerns about the funding for President Ramaphosa’s 2017 election campaign, accusing him of purchasing the leadership position. Zuma highlighted the controversy surrounding the president’s campaign, alleging external forces influenced the election.

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ANC’s Stance on Corruption

Zuma pointed out the contradiction within the ANC when President Ramaphosa stated, ‘The ANC is accused number one for corruption in South Africa.’ The party’s failure to address this issue, according to Zuma, reflects a lack of internal accountability.

Selective Application of ‘Step-Aside’ Rule

Zuma criticized the ANC for expelling its Secretary-General, Ace Magashule, using the selective application of the ‘step-aside’ rule. He questioned the party’s inconsistency in allowing a president facing criminal charges to top its list for the next election.

Inaction during July Unrest

Zuma accused the ANC of standing idle during the July 2021 unrest, describing it as an avoidable event that tragically claimed around 400 lives. This inaction, according to Zuma, exposes the party’s failure to address critical national challenges.

ANC’s Stance on Impeachment and Load Shedding

Zuma contended that the ANC’s vote for the impeachment of Judge John Hlophe, Judge Nkola Motata, and the removal of former Public Protector Busisiwe Mkhwebane illustrates its stance against black intellectuals. Additionally, he claimed that adopting nuclear energy earlier could have averted the current load shedding crisis.

Jacob Zuma’s decision not to vote ANC and his alignment with the Mkhonto WeSizwe Party underscore the deep divisions within the party and set the stage for a complex political landscape in the upcoming elections.

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