Jacob Zuma Withdraws ANC Support Ahead of 2024 South African Election

Jacob Zuma's Seven Reasons
Jacob Zuma's Seven Reasons

Former President Jacob Zuma Takes a Stand Against ANC

In a surprising turn of events, former South African President Jacob Zuma, ousted from office amid corruption allegations, has declared his withdrawal of support for the ruling African National Congress (ANC) in the upcoming 2024 national elections. Zuma, 81, cited deep concerns about the current state of the party and its leadership, particularly criticizing President Cyril Ramaphosa.

A Shift Towards a Radical Leftwing Party

Expressing his disillusionment with the ANC, Zuma announced his intention to cast his vote for a small radical leftwing party instead of the ANC. He adamantly stated that he would not lend his support to the ANC’s campaign, viewing it as a betrayal.

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“It would be a betrayal to campaign for the ANC of Ramaphosa,” Zuma declared in a statement read during a press conference. He highlighted what he perceives as “the death of democratically elected structures,” the influence of money in determining votes, and suspicions of fraudulent manipulation in ANC conference decisions.

The Umkhonto we Sizwe (MK) Party: Zuma’s Alternative Choice

Jacob Zuma disclosed his preference for the recently registered Umkhonto we Sizwe (MK) party, named after the historical armed wing of the ANC. This move signals a significant divergence from the ANC, marking a potential shift in political alliances.

Jacob Zuma’s Lingering Influence Despite Controversies

Despite facing corruption accusations and serving a 15-month prison sentence in 2021, Zuma remains a formidable figure within the ANC. His refusal to testify before a corruption investigation led to his imprisonment, sparking protests and violence across the country.

Zuma’s influence could play a pivotal role in the upcoming elections, especially considering his choice to align with a smaller political entity. The ANC, traditionally at the forefront of the anti-apartheid struggle, now faces internal challenges and a growing loss of support.

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ANC’s Response and Potential Election Dynamics

The ANC, facing increasing competition from the Democratic Alliance and the Economic Freedom Fighters, has hinted at legal action against the Umkhonto we Sizwe party, claiming ownership of the name. The upcoming election is poised to be a critical juncture, with smaller parties and independent candidates potentially influencing coalition negotiations.

As Zuma distances himself from the ANC, the party grapples with internal dissent and the need to regain public trust. The political landscape in South Africa is evolving, and the 2024 election promises to be a contest of shifting alliances and strategic maneuvers.

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