How To Withdraw Money Without SASSA Card 2023/24

How To Withdraw Money Without SASSA Card-Social grant recipients will no longer need a card to access their money each month. This follows the introduction of a new withdrawal solution earlier this month. You can withdraw your money without sassa card.

Every month, the South African Social Security Agency (Sassa) distributes over 18 million permanent grants.

Beneficiaries of these grants are given a Sassa gold card. Which they can use to withdraw grant funds and make purchases at retail stores across the country.

Millions of grant recipients are using Sassa gold cards, which will expire in the coming months. The validity of these gold cards will be extended, according to Sassa.

Also, Grant recipients were informed that they could continue to use their expired Sassa gold cards. They can use their gold cards at ATMs and several retail stores. Where they will receive three free transactions as well as other benefits.

Grant recipients can also withdraw their grants from several participating retailers without a Sassa gold card. Pick n Pay, Boxer, Shoprite, Checkers, Usave, and OK stores are among these retailers.

What You’ll Need To Collect Your Grant With A Sassa Card -How To Withdraw Money Without SASSA Card

  • Cellphone
  • ID Number
  • PIN for a Sassa/Postbank gold card.
  • The Western Cape Department of Social Development is concerned that rural grant recipients may be unaware of the new cardless grant withdrawal method.

This is due to the fact that information about the new cardless withdrawal method (withdraw money withput sassa card) has only been distributed through social media platforms that beneficiaries may not have access to.

According to department spokesperson Monique Mortlock-Malgas, some grant recipients may be skeptical of the cardless withdrawal method because they feel safer with a physical card.

What are you doing for beneficiaries in remote rural areas, the elderly, the disabled, and others who may be unaware of what Postbank and Sassa are saying on various social media platforms?

While the department welcomed the new grant withdrawal method, it raised several concerns.

However, Concerns include what will be done to replace expired Sassa gold cards and whether beneficiaries have received adequate information about the new withdrawal process.

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