How to Register For A Course At Unisa ? Easy Steps To Follow

All students must first apply for admission and get an offer to study at the institution. You can only register to pursue a specific course when you receive an offer and accept it. There are certain things you should know before completing your registration. This article explains everything you want to know about registering for a course at Unisa. 

How to Register for a Course at Unisa

When you apply for admission at Unisa, you will receive an offer for placement if your application is successful. Once you accept the offer, the registration process will be straightforward. First and foremost, you must choose your qualification and modules and then calculate your fees. Complete your registration and submit it to Unisa. 

You can register for a course at Unisa online by visiting the university’s registration page. However, if you are new to the institution and don’t have a student number, you won’t be able to use this platform. All students must first register to get a free myLife email address. This is the only official email address recognized by Unisa and used for official correspondence. 

When you complete your first registration and get your myLife email account and student number, you can register online for your course. Activating your email account as soon as you complete your registration process is vital. Once you complete your registration for a particular course, you will get official communication via your myLife account. Therefore, you must regularly check your email. 

How Much Is Unisa Registration Fee?

Each student is supposed to register for about four to six modules per year. The cost of registering a module can be anything between R1 815.00 and R7 500.00, but these amounts are subject to change. Additionally, the registration cost per module does not include study materials like books.  

When you work out the total cost of your study, it is imperative to include books and other materials that may be required. You need to review each module’s requirements to gain insight into the items you might need during your study. 

How Do I Register for 2023 at Unisa?

All students must register for the 2023 academic calendar during the appropriate registration period. Unisa provides registration dates for each academic year, and this information is sent to your myLife email address. You can also check the 2023 academic year registration details at the University’s website. 

If you intend to register for semester one of the 2023 academic year for an undergraduate program or post-graduation diploma, you should know that the registration is now closed. Registration for master’s and doctoral degrees closes on 30 April 2023. Late registrations are usually declined, so check the dates first to avoid confusion.  

Can You Register at Unisa Without Applying?

You cannot register at Unisa without applying for admission first. When your application is successful, you will get an offer, which you must accept within 10 days. Your acceptance of the offer marks the beginning of the registration process for a particular qualification. The good thing is that you can apply for registration online by visiting for more details.   

Another thing you should know is that you cannot register for two or more programs at Unisa at the same time. If you have two offers, the other one automatically falls away upon registration.  

How to Register for the Second Year at Unisa 2023?

To register for the second year at Unisa, you need to visit Choose your qualification level and press “Go.” Input your student number on the space that will appear on your screen and other relevant details that may be required. You cannot register online for your second year without a student number. 

It is crucial to remember that registration dates have deadlines, which you should meet. For instance, registrations for honours and undergraduate degrees, and postgraduate diplomas have closed for 2023. Only master’s and doctoral students have up to 30 April 2023 to submit their registrations. Check the opening and closing dates for registration, and you should not wait for the deadline.   

How Long Does It Take for Registration at Unisa?

Once you pay the minimum required fee, your registration at Unisa will be processed. You can wait for about 48 hours for the payment to reflect then the registration kicks in. Although it may take a short time to get confirmation of your registration, you should not worry. 

Upon receiving confirmation of your registration, be sure to register on your myUnisa portal. This platform allows you to download study material and other support items like tutorial letters. All correspondence will be done via your myLife email address. You can also get other crucial details like examination timetables, tutorial letters, financial statements, and results via the same platform. After registration, Unisa does not receive official communication in printed format. 

Before you start thinking of registering at Unisa, you must first apply for admission. When your application is approved, you will receive an offer, which you must accept within 10 days of getting it. You can then proceed to register for your first year, and this is usually done physically. Once you are registered, you can use the online portal to register for the other courses ahead. Remember that if you miss the registration deadline, you may need to reapply when the application period for that particular course opens.   

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