How to Get SASSA R350 at Pick n Pay?

Are you trying to figure out how to use the SASSA R350 grant’s new money-collection service? I’ll explain how to get your SASSA R350 grant from Pick n Pay.

Previously, SASSA R350 grant recipients could only pick up their grant at the post office. This would cause numerous issues; people would have to wait in long lines to receive their payments, which was a major waste of time. To address this issue, the South African Social Security Agency introduced the Pick n Pay option, which allows you to easily withdraw your money.

How to Get SASSA R350 at Pick n Pay? 6 Steps to Obtaining a Grant at Pick n Pay

SASSA grant recipients can now choose Pick n Pay as their payment collection location. It is a better option because it allows you to access your money quickly and easily. If you are unsure how to obtain your SASSA R350 grant at Pick n Pay, I will assist you.

  • First, make sure SASSA has approved your R350 grant claim. (Confirm your SASSA status here.)
  • Following that, you will receive an SMS confirming your approval and providing details such as your Pick n Pay collection point and date.
  • Then, go to the Pick n Pay store, remembering to bring your Identity document number and mobile phone (please keep in mind that the mobile phone must have the same number you wrote in your application).
  • Then, at the till point, you must enter your ID and phone numbers to ensure your SRD R350 grant.
  • Then, on your phone, you will receive a USSD code that you must approve.
  • Finally, Pick n Pay will hand over your cash.

Pick n Pay, in a nutshell, has made it easier for beneficiaries to collect their payments. You can get your money from a Pick n Pay store by going there in person and entering your ID and mobile phone numbers at the till.

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