How to Cite A Unisa Study Guide?

When we look at the etymology of citation, it has to do with the issue of plagiarism. Many people started stealing the works of others without having to refer them.

It can be disappointing to find your entire being used by another without having to state the source or refer to the original. 

Through this, the citation concept was meant to solve the issue of plagiarism and lack of references. 

With the growth and innovation in the tech world, digital resources become necessary. Students were encouraged to cite sources, including e-books, online posts, journals, articles, publications and many more. 

Bringing the guide on citation through the educational structure of UNISA has become a must for students to cite in their study guide. 

When creating a study guide at a South African university, like the University of South Africa (UNISA), it is important to cite sources in accordance with widely accepted academic standards. However, it is also necessary to take into account any specific preferences or guidelines that are followed locally.

In this blog post, we will share with you the best way to cite a UNISA study guide. 

How to cite a unisa study guide

Citing a UNISA study guide is all about understanding the context of your assignment and the kind of reference style you need to use. These are the most important parameters to cite in a UNISA study guide. 

You could write a 30,000 publication or article, and if your work is not cited well, your article can be considered incomplete or plagiarised. 

There are so many laws and rules surrounding the issues of plagiarism, and an institution like UNISA takes a critical look into cite. 

With a study guide at UNISA, all you need is to know the preferred citation format and understand what it entails.

Once done, you can add the citation format at the last page of your work, titling it as “References”.

This is considered to be part of the academic work and can be classified as diligent work. It is necessary to know the format of your citation style in order not to get your work queried. 

Example of citation

Author(s): Kumah, T.G

Publication Year: 2022

Title: The Ultimate Blogging as an Art

Publisher: Creative Press

In-text citation: (Kumah, 2022)

The full citation for the Reference page: Kumah, T.G. (2022). The Ultimate Blogging as an Art. Creative Press.

What is the referencing system most common to UniSA 

In South African universities, the most commonly used citation styles are the Harvard referencing system and the APA (American Psychological Association) style. 

Academic integrity and preventing plagiarism are given great importance by UNISA. 

However, at UNISA, the Harvard referencing style is highly recommended by instructors. The Havard referencing style is the most common referencing system used at the University of South Africa.

How do I know which reference style to use?

A citation style refers to a collection of guidelines that provide instructions on how to properly cite sources in your academic writing. It is important to include a citation whenever you quote, paraphrase, or summarise a source in order to avoid plagiarism. 

Citation styles also differ in terms of how you format the reference list or bibliography entries themselves eg. putting them in caps and the text format. i.e. Italics, order of information etc. 

There are instances where the instructions for the citation are indicated, and there are times when certain institutions prefer students to use their own discretion but must research the institution’s preferred style of citation. 

Mostly, your institution, faculty, department or lecturer will tell you the citation style to use for your work.

Which reference style does Unisa use?

Regarding academic assignments and scholarly work, the formatting of references may differ based on the specific requirements. Being aware of these variations is crucial for students and researchers as it enables them to cite their sources accurately and uphold academic integrity.

When it comes to referencing, UNISA usually uses the Harvard referencing style, which is commonly known as the “Author date” style. This particular style is well-known and commonly employed in academic writing. To properly cite sources in your text, you should mention the author’s name and the publication date. Additionally, it is important to include a comprehensive reference list at the end of your document. As a UNISA student, it is important to follow this referencing style to ensure that your citations are accurate and consistent.

How do you Harvard reference a Unisa study guide?

When referencing a study guide from the University of South Africa (UNISA) using the Harvard referencing style, it is crucial to follow the specific guidelines outlined by this style. 

The Harvard referencing style is commonly utilised in academic writing and is recognised for its author-date citation format. To ensure the accuracy and consistency of your references, it is important to follow these guidelines. 

Here is the information included in the study guide. 

  • Who is the author or author of the text? – Author
  • What is the year of publication? – the year of publication
  • Study Guide Title Edition (if applicable) 
  • Please provide the location of the publication if it is available.
  • If there is a publisher mentioned, please provide the name.

Author(s) or Institution. (Year). Title of the study guide (in italics or underlined). University Name. URL (if available).

An example reference for a Unisa study guide:

University of South Africa. (2022). Chemistry 101: A Comprehensive Study Guide. University of South Africa.

Looking at the examples given, you can determine the various information needed for your study guide.

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