How to Cancel SASSA Relief Grant or Reinstate it?

How to Cancel SASSA Relief Grant
How to Cancel SASSA Relief Grant

How to Cancel SASSA Relief Grant

How to cancel an SASSA relief grant requires a great deal of integrity. If you are receiving an SASSA relief grant for which you are ineligible, you should immediately begin to worry, as massive fraud litigation is coming your way.

Yes, SASSA is a government agency that provides grants to those in need. However, it has no compassion for those who attempt to sabotage its efforts to help those who cannot help themselves!

This also applies to individuals who formerly qualified for the SASSA relief grant but no longer qualify due to a change in circumstances.

Consider this a warning, and cancel your grants before SASSA decides to drag you through the courts. Also, the cancellation procedure is quite straightforward. In actuality, there are a variety of options available, depending on your preferences. Let’s continue this discussion in the following article.

How Do You Cancel Your SASSA Relief Grant? How to Cancel SASSA Relief Grant

Perform a sassa status check before canceling your grant to determine if it is still active. If inactive, there is no cause for concern; otherwise, proceed with one of the subsequent methods.

Cancellation Utilizing the SASSA Website

  • Through the SASSA’s official website, you can easily cancel your relief grant.
  • Simply search for, locate, and click the “Cancel My Application” tab to accomplish this.
  • Click the option highlighted in yellow that reads “Click here to cancel online”
  • You will be prompted to enter your 13-digit ID number and registered cell phone number in two separate boxes in a new window.
  • You will receive a 6-digit OTP number on your cell phone within minutes.
  • Enter this number into the field and click “Cancel My Grant”And you are done!

Using WhatsApp for cancellation

Additionally, SASSA allows you to cancel your relief grant via WhatsApp.

  • Send a “Cancel SASSA R350 grant” WhatsApp message to their number: 082 046 8553.
  • They will immediately respond by sending you a list of options from which to choose.
  • Select “Cancel my application” and send them a text message with your ID number and registered mobile number to confirm your cancellation request.
  • And that concludes it!

Cancellation by Mail

You may also send them an email requesting the cancellation of your grant. Simply compose a brief email outlining your inquiry and requesting the cancellation of your relief grant.

Please include your ID number and registered mobile number. Send this email to, their official email address.

Bring Back My Cancelled Application, Sassa

In the event that your circumstances worsen, you can always resubmit a previously canceled application. Before the fifteenth of the month in which you apply, the organization will review your request and accept or reject your application. If your application is denied, you can reapply the following month. Here is a comprehensive guide to reactivating your SASSA application.

So, you see? It is not particularly difficult to cancel your SASSA relief grant. The only requirement is the desire to do so. Moreover, why would someone want to defraud money? These SASSA relief grants are for those who are so destitute that they cannot even afford to feed themselves!.

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