How to Buy Airtime with SASSA Card

An SASSA grant holder depends on their allowances and fulfills all their desired needs from that amount. But when it comes to Airtime Purchase you must think; How to Buy Airtime with SASSA Card? No need to worry just stay with us and get all the desired information. SASSA grant holders have a card that they use to access their grants. This card is similar to the bank card and is used in the same way for different purposes. Airtime provides us with various mobile services like calling, messages and mobile data. You can activate your Airtime services now easily with your SASSA Card.

How to Buy Airtime with SASSA Card

You can use your SASSA Card for multiple purposes. Airtime is also one of them you can make your airtime payment with an SASSA Card but you have to open an Internet banking system. You can also do this on your mobile phone. Follow these steps for How to Buy Airtime with SASSA Card;

  • Manage a Strong Internet Connection

Make sure that you have a strong network coverage and are connected to the internet. You can easily proceed with the Airtime purchase with an active internet connection.

  • Download and Install App

Visit the app store of your device that is different for different stores like “Google Play Store” for Android and “Apple Store” for iPhone. Open the store and search for an Online Banking App according to your SASSA Card. The online banking apps are NedBank, Absa, Capitec, FNB etc. Download the app and install it on your device.

  • Register into the App

Open the app and register yourself if you are a new user. Complete the registration process by following the instructions. You have to provide all the details including personal information and SASSA card details. Fill in all the required information and complete your registration process.

If you are an old user and already registered then no need to register again. Just skip this step. You can see sassa status check for r350 payment dates.

  • Login the App

After successfully registering yourself for online banking. Now login to the application. Enter the required information and log in to the app.

  • Link your SASSA card with the App

When you successfully log into the system, the home screen of the app is in front of you. Go to the “Settings” or “Profile” section and scroll for the option of linking the SASSA Card. Fill all the fields with required information such as SASSA card number, mobile phone number or anything else.

  • Access Purchase Feature of Airtime

You can easily access your Airtime purchase feature after linking the SASSA Card. Maybe you find the Airtime option on the home screen of the app or maybe in a menu list. Find it and open it by clicking.

  • Select the Airtime Amount

Now choose an amount that you want to purchase for your Airtime. The amount depends on your banking app and network provider of the mobile phone according to the SASSA card.

  • Confirm Purchase

Review the amount that is selected for Airtime purchase. Make sure that your SASSA card has enough amount that you can easily purchase the Airtime. Now you can confirm your purchase

  • Pin Verification

Online banking is a secure app that always takes care of your transactions and information. Due to security reasons, you may be asked for a pin that may be your SASSA card or mobile app pin. Enter the desired pin for further processing.

  • Confirmation of Transaction

After the authorized verification you get a message or notification on the mobile phone app that confirms the purchase. You will shortly receive your Airtime purchase.

  • Airtime Balance Verification

The final step is the verification of your Airtime balance. For this check your Airtime balance by dialing your mobile network code like *100# for Vodacom and *141# for MTN and many more similarly.

SASSA provides several services to the applicants. Now the applicants can also buy Airtime with the SASSA Card. You must think about How to Buy Airtime with SASSA Card. Here is all the information that you have to follow to purchase Airtime. And also verify it by dialing the USSD code of your network.

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