How To appeal SASSA SRD Grant 2023

How To appeal SASSA SRD Grant-You have the right to file an appeal with the Department of Social Development to have your application reevaluated for the Covid-19 SASSA SRD grant (Apply here for SRD Grant), If you received a notification that your application was declined (read possible reasons why your SRD grant application was rejected), and you do not agree with the decision.

How to submit an SASSA SRD grant appeal: How To appeal SASSA SRD Grant

1) Head over to this website dedicated for SRD Appeal.

2) Enter both your mobile and ID number associated with your application

3) Select “send pin” to send a verification pin via SMS.

4) On the appeal website, enter the verification pin and click “submit.”

Your appeal will be received!

How to check the status of your SRD appeal:

After submitting your appeal in accordance with the aforementioned instructions, you might want to check back to see if it has been considered and your grant application approved. Follow these steps to find out the appeal’s status:

1) Go to the website for SRD Appeal.

2) Enter both your mobile and ID number associated with your application

It will show your application status on the screen.

Important Things to consider

1- You must file the appeal for each month when the R350 grant rejected.

2- The Independent Tribunal will deliver a decision on the appeal within 60 to 90 days of the appeal filed.

3- Your information (including income or alternative financial assistance) will be cross-referenced by the Independent Tribunal with various SASSA databases.

4- The Independent Tribunal’s ruling on the appeal is final, and there will be no more internal avenues for appeal.

If you have any questions about the appeal, get in touch with the Department of Social Development’s Independent Tribunal for Social Assistance Appeals (ITSAA):

  • Tel: 012 312 7727
  • Send emails to
  • Fax: 086 534 3124 / 086 216 371
  • Postal Code: 0001 Pretoria, Private Bag x 901


Please get in touch with SASSA directly if you have any more questions:

Dial 0800 60 10 11 to reach the SASSA Toll Free Call Center.

Call the SASSA’s headquarters at 012 400 2322. is the email address for SASSA’s headquarters.

Contact information for SASSA offices nationwide: SASSA contact information

Learn more about the tips and guidelines about SASSA SRD here

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