Headline: Eskom Announces Sunday Load Shedding – Updated Schedule and Tips for Mitigation

Eskom Announces Sunday Load Shedding
Eskom Announces Sunday Load Shedding

Eskom Announces Sunday Load Shedding : Pretoria, December 3, 2023 — Eskom has confirmed the implementation of Stage 4 load shedding on Sunday, starting at 20:00 on Saturday and lasting until 05:00 on Monday. This scheduled interruption aims to replenish dam levels at pumped storage power stations, preparing for the upcoming week. Here’s the updated schedule and essential tips for mitigating the impact.

Eskom Announces Sunday Load Shedding and Purpose

Eskom has released an updated load shedding schedule for Sunday, emphasizing its necessity to restore dam levels at pumped storage power stations. The Stage 4 load shedding will commence at 20:00 on Saturday and conclude at 05:00 on Monday. Eskom reassures the public that monitoring and adjustments will be ongoing throughout the period.

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To view the Load Shedding Schedule for your area, [click here](link to schedule).

Updated Schedules for Major Metros


Tips for Mitigation

In anticipation of load shedding, consider these six tips to mitigate risks and inconveniences:

  1. Surge Protection: Install surge protection devices to minimize damage to electronic equipment during power outages. These devices can be fitted to your electrical distribution board or at power outlets.
  2. Alarm System: Ensure your alarm system is operational, and the backup battery is fully functional to provide power during load shedding.
  3. Emergency Lighting: Keep a torch or headlamp in your car for nighttime arrivals during power outages. Smartphone torch apps can also be useful.
  4. Emergency Contacts: Save emergency contact information on your phone and keep a paper copy accessible. Include contacts for emergency services, friends, family, and insurance information.
  5. Device Charging: Charge your cellphone, laptop, and tablet devices ahead of scheduled blackouts. Consider having an emergency phone charger, like a power bank, for extended outages.
  6. Gas for Cooking and Lighting: Obtain a small LP gas bottle and lamp for cooking and lighting during power outages. Keep hot water in a thermal flask for hot drinks, and consider preparing meals in advance for scheduled blackouts.

As Eskom navigates the challenges of load shedding, these tips aim to help residents manage the inconveniences associated with power interruptions. Stay informed and prepared for scheduled blackouts with the provided schedule and mitigation strategies.

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